Colby teaches a vast array of online classes/webinars that cover a variety of topics such as Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop, digital workflow management, social media strategy and the business of photography. These courses are aimed at helping educate emerging and aspiring photographers not only get a better grasp of their digital darkroom, but also continue to take things to the next level.

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Understanding Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is easily the most popular photo editing/organizing tool on the market for emerging and professional photographers alike. With it you can not only keep hundreds of thousands images organized and easily accessible, but its Develop module has grown over the years, adapting many powerful features from its bigger and more robust brother, Adobe Photoshop. Now you not only have the ability to make global adjusts to your images like you always could (such as contrast, sharpness and curves adjustments) but you have access to powerful tools such as selective adjustments as well that can be applied subjectively around your image as you see fit (such as painting in saturation in only one part of your image).

Join me for an hour long online class where we dive into the latest version of Adobe Lightroom. I will take you through the program, making sure you know how each different module works, walk you through my photo management workflow and give live demonstrations of Lightroom’s powerful post processing features. If you have been on the fence about Lightroom or not really sure how to truly use the program, this online course is for you.

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Adobe Photoshop for Photographers

There is no question that Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo editing tool on the market, but what does that really mean? What features and functionality does it have that actually speaks to you as an artist…as a photographer? The truth is that over the years Adobe has made Photoshop not only a tool for photographers, but graphic artists, animators and even cinematographers most recently. In fact it is so robust and has so many features that most people are lost when it comes to understanding what to do with it. If you do a quick search on Amazon and you find a few 1000 page books that try to show how to use the program…the whole program. Or you could think outside the box.

Join me for this hour long online class as I walk you through the in’s & out’s of Adobe Photoshop, showing you how it works and taking you through my favorite features that every photographer should know. This class will not only cover the basics, but dive into a few of the advanced techniques and features that make Photoshop hard to beat for most pro photographers.

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Digital Workflow Series

When it comes to photo education, you have a lot of choices, especially online. With a quick Google or YouTube search you can find thousands of videos and articles that tell you how to sharpen an image, the best way to add contrast to a scene or even remove unwanted objects from your photos. The problem with all this content is that it rarely if ever touches on the “why?”. You might already know what a luminosity mask is or that Adobe Lightroom can help you remove noise from your high ISO photos, but you might not fully understand the context behind those choices. If you have ever found yourself guessing as you tried to figure out what to do next with a given image, this online class is for you.

Join me for this hour long online class where I walk you through my complete photo editing workflow process from start to finish, going through a number of images. The whole time I will be taking live questions from those in attendance to help you further refine your own creative vision and workflow when it comes to processing your images.

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Social Media for Photographers

There is no doubt that we are currently living in the age of the Internet. The rise and evolution of Social Media platforms has changed the way that we interact and connect with people from all over the globe, which has drastically effected how businesses market and advertise their products and services. But what does this mean to you as a photographer? You have been told that you need to be on social media, but don’t know where to start or what you should be doing.

Join me for an hour long online class where I not only help you break down the various social media platforms that might be relevant to you, but help you build your own social media strategy to help you maximize your time, energy and resources in a much more positive way. On top of that, I will cover tips and techniques for building a following both organically and through paid promotions for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. It is time to start making social media work for you!

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The Business of Photography

Photographer in Angkor Wat
Did you know that now days more people have cameras and share images every day than all of the photographers combined over the first hundred years of photography? The truth is that camera equipment is more affordable, photo editing software is more accessible and social media has us more connected than ever. There are thousands of photographers joining this industry every day with dreams of either making a living or atleast pulling in income on the side, but most don’t know where to start, let alone how to actually make it happen.

Join me for an hour long online class where I not only help you outline a proper businesses plan, but walk you through the various revenue streams available today for photographers. We will talk about the significance of marketing, the value of social media and the sheer importance of defining who your clients and customers actually are. It doesn’t matter if you are a landscape, wedding, portrait or travel photographer, the information in this class will pertain to everyone.

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