Titcomb Basin, Wyoming

Want to have a custom tailored photography adventure? Rather attend a workshop with just your friends? Not a problem. For the last 8 years I have been engrained in the photo industry as both a professional photographer and photo educator. I have traveled all over the globe, documenting some of the most beautiful and intense locations on the planet, and have a rich knowledge base in outdoor travel, survival, mountaineering and of course photography.

I offer 1 on 1 as well as small group workshops. These workshops typically offer a more directed and engaged teaching style since you will have my complete and full attention the entire time. I can work with all photography skill levels and can tailor a workshop around your needs and interests.

1 Participant: $650 / day (plus expenses if applicable)
2-4 Participants: $550 / day, per person (plus travel expenses if applicable)
5-8 Participants: $450 / day, per person (plus travel expenses if applicable)

To inquire about a private workshop, send me an email.

Camera Club/ Art School Workshops

I am available for camera club presentations and private workshops. I can custom tailor a workshop, presentation or field trip to suit your needs.


$150 / day per participant, minimum of 10 participants.
To inquire about a workshop, presentation or field trip for your local camera club, send me an email.

* All private workshop participants will get access to two recorded “Behind The Lens” digital photo editing webinars upon completion of the workshop or when they are first available