Workshop Testimonials

Mike M
Myanmar – land of (photo) opportunity

In November 2017, I went on a photo workshop to Myanmar with Colby Brown Photography. I had some trepidation in signing up for a workshop halfway around the world. Would it be worth the time? Would I get the images I wanted/hoped for? Would I learn positive things from the experience? After heading to Myanmar to meet Colby and his crew, I can say that the answers to all my questions is an emphatic ‘yes’.

Landing in Myanmar and finding my way to the hotel was the beginning of an adventure. We traveled and photographed Myanmar over the next eight days. We started in Yangon. We also visited Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay spending a few days in each. We had photo excursions in the mornings for sunrise, during the day at a variety of locations from farms to fishermen and markets to monks then, at sunset, we had other locations to shoot. The pace made for full days but we were never rushed. Each of the photographic locations was planned out and organized allowing us to maximize the time for shooting we had at each amazing locale. Colby obviously had a solid plan for each day and it really showed.

Colby is an expert in his field and it shows. From the ideas behind composition to exposure to post processing, Colby has it covered. Apart from being an expert in his field, Colby also has the ability to work with a wide range of different personality types and speak to them at their level. His attitude, willingness to help and ability to meet you at your level makes his instructional time valuable. There were two instructors on our trip and a local guide to help with anything that needed doing. The staff were available to assist, guide, cajole or help in any way with your photography or getting some incidental you may need.

The other aspect that made the trip important to me was the people who were my workshop attendees. I must add here that every one of the people on the trip with us was a pleasure. Everyone was so flexible, knowledgeable and interesting. I feel very fortunate to have chosen Colby’s Myanmar workshop and to be with all these fantastic people. I would recommend Colby to anyone thinking about a global photographic opportunity.

I look forward to heading out to another part of the world with Colby in the future.

Carla M
trip was absolutely amazing

In June 2013 I had the privilege of attending a workshop in Iceland with Colby. The trip was absolutely amazing, to say the least. Iceland is full of stunning and diverse landscapes and is easily one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. I had never been on a workshop before and did not know what to expect, but it was clear to me immediately (from the very first contact e-mail) that Colby was confident and experienced and knew exactly what the was doing. His knowledge of the area, weather and culture of the country was outstanding and it was obvious that he had done a lot of research beforehand. Aside from his sheer professionalism, Colby is a genuinely nice guy. He is kind and considerate and unbelievably generous with his extensive knowledge. He was always looking out for the group and constantly put our needs and wants first. I arrived in Iceland on my own and not knowing what to expect. Eight days later I left with amazing memories (and pictures) and a new friend, in fact a whole bunch of new friends from all around the world. I can’t wait to join Colby on another trip someday.

Parker S
Great for Photographers of all levels!

Do not be intimidated to sign up for a photo workshop because you’re not an experienced photographer! Colby does an outstanding job of simplifying and teaching concepts, and is more than willing to spend ample time working with you personally. I came in having very little photography background and I learned more than I could of imagined. Not to mention, Colby is very welcoming and easy to get along with. This was my first experience with photography workshops and it will certainly not be my last. Thanks again for an incredible experience!

Sairam Sundaresan
Creating Memories that will last forever

My wife and I had the pleasure of attending Colby Brown’s Iceland Winter workshop in March 2016. Hands down, this has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Colby helped us right from start to finish, answering our never-ending barrage of questions, and even helped us with getting our Iceland Visa. Initially, we were a bit unsure of how the experience would be in Iceland, but Colby put all those doubts to rest. A patient instructor/guide, Colby’s knowledge of the area is pretty unparalleled and he went out of his way to make sure that we got the best possible experience during the week. He is also very easy going and very approachable. There are quite a few things I learnt right from techniques in field to the business of photography. The highest credit I can give Colby is that by the end of the week, my wife, who is just taking her first steps in photography had the confidence and swagger of a seasoned pro. We highly recommend taking one of Colby’s workshops. Believe us, you won’t regret it one bit.

Casey C
Wonderful for all experience levels

Colby Brown leads a fantasic workshop that heeds well to all levels of experience. If you are a complete beginner or a seasoned photographer just looking to sharpen your skill set, you will find the instruction and guidance that you need. I’ve been on 2 workshops, both Iceland summer tour as well as Wild Patagonia. Each time I came away with a better understanding and direction on where I want my photography to go and have no problem recommending his workshops. He understands weather very well and is always flexible on his decisions leading to a greater chance at making a compelling photograph.


Adam B
Fantastic Trip

Not sure what I was looking for other than an adventure and some photography time when I signed up, I was surprised with the amount of knowledge I took away from this trip. Learning what to look for, how to delve deeper into your compositions and better post processing tips have all truly changed my photography for the better.

Amazing Photo Workshop

Joined Colby’s Iceland Photography Workshop last September 2014. Had an amazing time shooting incredible Iceland landscape and learning the finer points of photography from Colby. Learnt a great deal about photography as Colby took the effort to spend individual time with each participant to ensure everyone becomes a better photographer. Found Colby to be very approachable and willing to share his knowledge and experience on photography. Hope to join in another Colby’s workshop soon!

Stephanie R.
Go to Cuba…Now!

Colby Brown’s Photography Workshop delivered one of the most unique, exciting vacations I’ve ever had. I went there alone and left with life-long friends. Seeing the country with people who know and love it (Colby and Renee) was magical. I loved bypassing the tourist traps, and staying with locals – it added so much perspective. My favorite day was the journey into the Cuban countryside to spend time with local cowboys. I loved starting each day with a photowalk – just wandering the neighborhoods to see what we could find. And Colby gives each client individual attention. I learned so much about my new Sony A6500. Can’t wait to find time to go to Myanmar and Iceland!

Linda C
An Opportunity to Step into the Past!

The trip to Cuba was filled with interesting locations, beautiful, friendly people with a rich history trapped in the past! Your expertise with Sony cameras was a huge plus for me! You are a tireless teacher which was so appreciated!

Rifat H
Beyond Expectations!

The trip to Cuba was out of this world; Colby and his team’s meticulous attention to detail and elaborate plans for each hour of each day made it a very efficient photo trip. The things we did and the places we went would never be possible without the insider knowledge and experience Colby had. The photography instructions were always kind and I learned many new things not only from Colby but also from my travel mates. I highly recommend at least one trip with Colby. After that, you should be hooked!

Steve M.
Lofoten Islands, Norway Fenruary 2016

I had the pleasure of going with Colby to the Lofoten Islands, Norway in February 2016. I greatly benefited from Colby’s extensive knowledge and his willingness to answer any photography question from mechanics to style and the realities of the business. Lofoten’s geography, coupled with the change-up weather, offered just about every opportunity one could think of for landscape photography and learning in different situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the unstructured “chase the light” nature of the workshop and the fact that Colby is available to answer questions when they come up. Colby leads by example and reinforced the simple professional traits that make any endeavor successful – discipline, perseverance and patience. We tend to forget those when we’re traveling and get lazy. Top it all off with excellent fellow photographers and traveling companions from all walks of life, and my high expectations for this trip were exceeded.

Josh W.
An incredible and memorable experience!

Iceland’s beauty was well beyond my imagination and expectations. Nine days of chasing endless light and discovering awe inspiring beauty around every corner…oh, and waterfalls, lots and lots of waterfalls…what more could one ask for? I highly recommend Colby’s Iceland Summer Photo Adventure. The way Colby designed the trip with flexibility allowed us to literally chase the light with no concerns on where we would pitch our tents after hours of fun and amazing shooting. We hit all the highlights one would expect in Iceland and yet Colby also pulled out some amazing hidden locations that were well off the beaten path. Colby and Peyton were incredible guides who brought a fun sense of humor and professionalism throughout the entire trip. Colby’s instruction was inspirational that has stayed with me well after the trip was over.

Rena G
Iceland Workshop June 2017

I loved this workshop, here is why;Colby Brown, and his co-leader, assistant Peyton Hale are amazing human beings, dependable, efficient, prompt, kind, funny, hopeful, and adept planners and problem solvers and did I say amazing photographers and teachers.Colby from the first second I emailed him was immediately responsive, available and a helpful guide and continued all the way through.He was indefatigable in finding us beautiful light and places to photograph.

He taught me to pitch a tent in under 5 minutes and was available on all sites for an immediate consultation on composition, technique, art. He and Peyton , even went out of their way to find me gluten free lactose free vegan ice cream for my birthday in the outer lands of Iceland.They cared completely about our safety and well being, and when a fellow photographer fell ill and then fortunately better, they facilitated prompt and good medical care for him .They had a schedule that was flexible enough so if one needed some personal space to explore on one’s own , one could have that oppotrunity in all of the sites that we photographed.

For me, it was a gift to sleep outdoors next to rushing water falls, birds singing, sheep sighing, wind rustling and then get up to photograph. Iceland has vast immense beauty, grace, ruggedness, yet sublime elegance all of which was able to be seen and felt with the expert guidance of Colby Brown and Peyton Hale. I had dreamed of going to Iceland since childhood, and Colby helped me finally bring such a dream come to fruition.I am grateful to have experienced both subtle and dramatic light on this beautiful island and have captured images that will lift my spirit for many years as I remember the wonderful memories and the wonderful people that I met. And most importantly I met the finest of people in Colby and Peyton and have a deep love for Iceland which I hope to return to many times.

I would love to join Colby in other photographic adventures that he guides in other places on this beautiful planet, our home, Earth.

Cannon Spradley
Just do it!

Italy on its own is amazing, but Colby somehow makes it even better. Also, the beautiful hikes help to balance out the delicious carbs, so it’s a win-win.

If you’ve ever considered taking a workshop with Colby, just do it already. He is personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and his workshops are next-level experiences. And he’s there for advice and helps long after you fly home. I’ve been on several workshops with Colby and keep coming back for more.

Alex B
Magical Myanmar!

There are not enough good words to describe the experience of the workshop in Myanmar. Breathtaking scenery, excellent tutoring and a great group of people to travel with pretty much sums it up!

It was such a positive learning environment thanks to Colby, Erin, and the other participants. My confidence in my camera skills progressed daily, as the constant change of locations and subjects constantly pushed my skills outside of my comfort zone.

I can’t wait to book another workshop! 🙂

Michael E
Outstanding – Best Workshop I Have Ever Done!

LOVED IT! I have already booked my next workshop with Colby. He got us to all the right spots at the right times and with a fun group of people. Although I have been a serious photographer for 20+ years I learned a great deal on the trip (which surprised me). I have been on many workshops in the US, South America and Asia and this was by far the most well organized. The type of people Colby seems to attract to his workshops are just right for me — engaged photographers but not overly technical and interesting so the beers after shooting or van rides are always entertaining. Can’t wait for the next one!

David W
Exceeded my expectations!

I went on a Colby Brown workshop in Patagonia to shoot the Fall colors with turquoise lakes and impossibly shaped mountains. It was a landscape I had long dreamed of seeing and photographing. Colby and his assistant Peyton Hale provided everything our group needed logistically as well as photographically. Whether I needed to change my money to the local currency or improve my skill in Photoshop, Colby and Peyton had an answer to every issue that arose on the trip. Peyton even gave me a spare battery and duct taped my headlamp together when I dropped and broke it. I am currently signed up to go to Iceland with them and hope to take many more Colby Brown photography workshops in the future. I highly recommend a Colby Brown Photography Tour.

Peter Z
An Experience of a Lifetime!

Let’s face it, most of us who come on workshops like this are very unlikely to give up our day jobs and persue a career in photography. But we all love the craft and we all want to improve. Coming on this tour, I walked away a better photographer than I was coming into it and, for just a few days, enjoyed the experience of feeling a bit like a professional photographer. I don’t think there was much more I could have hoped for from this workshop.

Colby is an inspiration and a real people person. He is great with helping people to move forward in their craft, whatever their level, but not by hand-holding or doing it for you. His method is better because he helps you learn it for yourself and that stays with you.

The workshop is very thoughtfully put together, and even when we didn’t have the best weather Colby ensured we put the time to good use by hosting editing sessions. We were never bored and the camaraderie of the group was strong.

The greatest compliment that I can give Colby for his workshop experience, is that I can’t wait to have the privilege to do one again. I confess, for two nights after my return, I just dreamt of the northern lights and ice caves. I also walked away with new friends with a similar level of passion for photography. If you love photography, don’t even hesitate, make the most of the chance to have the Colby Brown experience and sign up! Now!

Clodagh M
A must for Every Landscape Photographer

I originally signed up for the workshop with Colby to become more familiar with my Sony mirrorless camera. I had not anticipated seeing the Northern lights but Colby’s experience with chasing the aurora gave us a number of opportunities. He managed to get us to the best locations just in time (no waiting for hours in the cold) to capture these dancing lights against stunning backdrops . This was where Colby’s experience really came to the fore.

Colby is a great educator . Both he and Pedro were very patient and always on hand for advice during those panic moments (of which I had many) as you’re trying to catch that perfect image . We also got individual critiques of our images, post processing tips and for me great camera setting advice.

I would highly recommend going on tour with Colby if you want to improve your photographic skills in amazing locations, meet great people ,stay in stunning accommodation right on the water and most importantly come home with a new approach to landscape photography. Thank you Colby and Pedro !

Mostafa A.
Third time’s a charm!

This was my third workshop with Colby, after winter and summer Iceland workshops, and I keep coming back for a reason! Colby’s way of focusing on the individuals and teaching on a personal level really helps tackling whatever I’m struggling with and helps me improve upon it during my time in the workshop. Also Colby is great at reading the weather conditions and forecast and choosing the right place and the right time to get the best photos possible!

Kim F
A Life Changing Experience!

I am definitely not someone who would normally ever consider joining an organized group to go travel. With that said, my experience traveling with Colby and Erin blew my mind and so far exceeded my expectations that I cannot wait to sign up for a next workshop! As someone who is still relatively new to photography, not only did I learn so much, I was pushed outside of my comfort zone in terms of what I normally would capture, and left the trip feeling so much more confident as a photographer! Additionally, everyone in the group were so fantastic and fun, definitely people I plan to keep in touch with! If you’re hesitant about joining one of his trips, just do it! You absolutely won’t regret it!

Jose V
Great Adventure With the Greatest Landscape Photographer!

It was a phenomenal adventure. Colby knows everything you need to know and teaches it in a simple way, so you can understand no matter what level of photographer you are. I definitely recommend him for your next photography travel experience!

Meegan J.

Colby has inspired me to work towards becoming a travel and landscape photographer myself! He is an amazing teacher and knows the locations extremely well. I have been on three of his workshops and I have grown from each experience in a different way. Patagonia is beautiful and Colby can find awesome hidden waterfalls as well as encourage you when you are too tired to move from hiking. Don’t forget to find a guanaco while you are there!

John Z
Awesome Iceland Adventure

I recently returned from Colby’s Iceland Summer Adventure and it really was an adventure–every day and night! This was my first photo workshop, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, including the camping aspect of the trip. The adventure included stunning locations, top notch photo instruction from Colby and Peyton, and great camaraderiewith the other participants. And the camping just made it that much more memorable. I’d love to go back to Iceland, but I don’t think it would be the same without Colby and the gang.

Dana C.
Absolutely An Amazing Experience!!!

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience attending the Colby Brown Patagonia workshop. It was evident from the moment I signed up that Colby and his assistant Pedro have extensive experience leading workshops and wanted to ensure that we had an amazing experience. Prior to arrival, we were provided with information packets outlining everything from what to bring, what to expect, and answers to every question we could possibly have. They established open lines of communication so that the workshop students could communicate with each other and with the instructors before the trip. The information they provided prior to the workshop put me at ease traveling to a new country by myself.

Colby and Pedro are phenomenal photographers. I admire their work and had been looking forward to the opportunity to learn from them. What I learned from them was far more than I could have imagined. I learned not only technical aspects of photography but also shooting with purpose and intent. Colby’s knowledge of the area allowed us to get to the right locations in the varying weather conditions. The passion Colby and Pedro have for photography are evidenced in their teaching. They genuinely wanted to elevate each of us and were free in sharing their knowledge. They set the tone for the group; encouraging us to share our stories and interacting with everyone. This created a wonderful group dynamic and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Colby and Pedro left a lasting positive impact on me. They are exceptional people, photographers, and teachers. This was truly an experience of a lifetime. I encourage anyone considering doing a workshop with them to do it without any hesitation. I am looking forward to doing another workshop with Colby and Pedro in the near future!

Chrissy D
Expertise in Landscape Photography and Travel

Once you have taken a workshop with Colby, you realize it feels more like traveling with friends who share your passion for photography. Colby and his team just happen to be the invaluable friends who are experts in both photography and the travel location. In places like Patagonia where the weather is incredibly dynamic, this knowledge is invaluable and gives you the best chances to be at breathtaking locations with epic light simultaneously. Moreover, Colby’s individual teaching approach allows you to learn at your own pace. From finding composition in the field to post-processing techniques, Colby is willing to share his knowledge on any topic. No matter your skill level, you will walk away from his workshops a better photographer. I know I have.

Laurent G
Iceland’s worth a workshop with Colby !

How to summarize this in a few words ? Amazing, challenging (a lot !), impressive, and always entertaining. Iceland in winter, even if the sun was with us during the whole trip, is an experience in itself. Colby knows how to bring this experience to a special level, how to help you to feel comfortable in rough situations (wow, this crazy icelandic wind and this stupid tripod…) and to focus yourself on what you have to do. It doesn’t matter if your feet are wet or if you have to get tired to reach a special spot in order to get a better shot. The key is to get the best from yourself, and Colby helps you to make yourself more confident. Thank you for that. Besides, he’s a totally “accessible” guy (not sure if this is the right translation of this word in english, I hope you’ll know what I mean ;-)), and it means something.

Jennifer B
Don’t do Cuba any other way!

This workshop was my first trip with Colby and my first time to Cuba. I didn’t know what to expect but I all I had hoped for was a great trip and I was BLOWN AWAY at every turn! Colby is not only an amazing photographer but a fabulous teacher, trip planner, humanitarian, comedian, etc… I could go on and on. Not only was everything planned to a T and taken care of for us but he always works with a local guide to plan the best trip possible. If you want to be with all the tourists and see only the touristy sights, these workshops are not for you… if you want to see a side of Cuba that BARELY even the locals get to see, you must do this workshop! We spent a day hanging in the mountains with cowboys, went to a cigar factory and took portraits in the most amazing light, walked the streets to chat with and photograph locals. It was a truly incredible experience and I learned more than I ever thought I would. If you want to capture amazing portrait photographs in a truly unique country, while learning from a master, no matter what your level of comfort with photography is, this trip is definitely worth doing!

Chrissy D
Endless Light Chases & Adventure

Chasing the almost endless summer light in Iceland is truly a legendary adventure. Colby’s philosophy is to design workshops which provide the most flexibility as possible. Camping throughout the workshop leaves the itinerary wide open and allows him to show you how to chase the light based on up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. His goal is to get his clients to the best locations with the best possible light. As a photographer, you cannot ask for more from a workshop. Not only will you come home with amazing photos, you will certainly leave a better photographer.

Jim Bryla
Myanmar Workshop – Photography Nirvana

I have traveled a fare amount but only recently picked up photography and considered myself a budding enthusiast at best before taking this workshop, as such I was a little concerned about my lack of experience joining the workshop. My concerns quickly disappeared as Colby (and Erin) created a very supportive and encouraging environment for our group of skilled and aspiring photographers. Colby and Erin were very responsive to our needs and did an excellent job providing individualized coaching and instruction as individuals asked for suggestions or feedback. Of course Myanmar has a fantastic array of diverse subjects and locales to shoot including some glorious sunrise / sunsets over Buddhist temples, daily life at monasteries, portraiture of monks and long neck hill tribe, traditional leg rowing fishermen at Inle Lake and lots of opportunities to immerse into the culture of local ethnic groups. In short I feel this workshop elevated my photography skills and confidence 300% (and of course I brought home soooo many great photos!)

On a separate note the I wanted to mention the overall quality and participant experience of the trip organization and logistics. I have been blessed to have traveled with National Geographic Expeditions, National Geographic Adventures and G-Adventures tours on several continents so I feel I have a good reference point. Despite the idiosyncrasies of travel inside third world countries and vagaries of weather Colby and staff did an excellent job communicating expectations and were prepared with good alternatives when needed. Details for hotels, ground transportation, baggage, domestic flights and restaurants where all meticulously arranged in advance, providing what I thought was a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

In summary I think the Myanmar Workshop was a perfect blend of culturally immersive travel and photography. To quote Henry Miler “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” By that metric the Myanmar Workshop succeeded in helping me to see new potential in my craft and a new appreciation for the beautiful country and people of Myanmar.

Judit F.
Fun Workshop!

The 2018 Patagonia workshop was the first with Colby, and I did not go home disappointed. I have taken many workshops before, but this was the most educational and fun ever. I just wish the PUMA that Colby has ordered showed up 🙂

Jennifer B
Myanmar – A must do!

Myanmar was my second workshop with Colby and I think being a return client says it all. My first workshop in Cuba with him was so incredible I talked 2 of my friends into going to Myanmar as well – and everyone had an amazing time! The guide Colby works with in Myanmar is likely the best guide I’ve ever encountered. He was so helpful, knowledgeable, accommodating, and kind – truly a joy to be around and together they planned some AMAZING experiences for us. I love how small his workshops are – so you get personalized attention – everyone is at all different levels of photography, and you walk away learning so much. Myanmar is perhaps one of my favorite countries and stunning to photograph – but you have to know how to get around. Aside from being an awesome photography teacher, Colby knows the countries he goes to better than anyone, and will get you where you need to be to capture truly remarkable photographs. I look forward to doing more trips with him in the near future!

Chi-Wei C.
The right location and right conditions

I learned so much from Colby and Peyton on the Lofoten Islands workshop, from how to look for angles and elements, tools and techniques. One of the most fascinating things was watching Colby pick out the location, gauging the weather, light and cloud conditions while taking into account what everyone wanted to see. We were fortunate to have spectacular northern lights, and Colby got us to several locations night to get the best combination of sky, mountains and sea. I definitely plan on joining more trips with Colby.

Roman L.
Very Professional Photo Adventure Tour

Colby and Peyton did a great job. Everything was well organized and we had an awesome time, most importantly I learned a lot of new techniques and got new insights of how to become a better outdoor and landscape photographer. Congrats Colby!

Victor A
An Unforgettable Experience!

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to take another trip with Colby. I feel I learned so much more than just photography skills. Colby’s knowledge of the area, tips and guidance is immensely appreciated and I was welcomed by an amazing group of photographers. I enjoyed every second of our trip and would highly recommend it to anyone in search of a professional photography workshop.

Sergio S.
Made My Dreams Come True!

I had a great time with Colby Brown and his fantastic assistant Pedro Kin in Norway – Lofoten Feb 2018. My main goal was to see and photograph the Northern Lights and Colby with his high knowledge of the area along with a great experience in understanding the local weather and planning the right places and times to shoot the aurora made my dream come true. Besides, I could improve my photographic skills especially night photography and get more tips in terms of education.

Thanks for this amazing adventure, Colby Brown and Pedro Kin!

David S
Colby and Lofoten Islands were Terrific

Colby and his staff provided just what I was looking for, a program to improve my photo skills and post processing ability in a most amazing setting. At photo locations, Colby would provide instruction on composition and perspective that improve the appeal of my photos. His expertise and attention to detail were readily apparent. Seeing other photographers work in daily photo review sessions also helped me expand the ways I would approach a scene. This was a most enjoyable way to improve my photography.

Megan J.
The Epitome of Adventure

Chasing the light! Staying up all night to see the sunset and sunrise pretty much at the same time was one of the most amazing things of my life. I got a taste for adventure traveling around Iceland with Colby and can’t get enough now. If you are going to go anywhere in the world, you must go to Iceland. It is a land like no other that will capture your heart as you capture the beautiful landscapes!

Robert C
Iceland with Colby Brown

Hands down an incredible experience and a trip that completely full-filled my expectations of what a photography adventure tour to Iceland would be like. For nine days, Colby’s knowledge of the island, it’s locations, food, weather patterns, flat tire fixing abilities, drone piloting, and his ardent sense of camaraderie, spirit, and care, were on display. We were consistently on the best light, at the right time, in all the locations we visited. We were treated to waterfalls, icebergs, mountains, secret canyons, lupines and churches, and arguably the No 1 and No 2 pizzas I have ever eaten – bar none! It was just fantastic! Do not hesitate. Go with Colby!

Noa D
Passion ignited

Lofoten Islands was the first photography workshop I have taken and as someone fairly new to photography at the time, it was also first time I got any hands on photography guidance. I was worried I was a bit over my head when I signed up, but the desire to photograph the northern lights outweighed my self doubt. From the moment I landed in the tiny Leknes airport, it was clear I was where I needed to be.

Colby and Peyton were welcoming, patient when answering my endless questions and helpful with everything from composition to gear to post processing. They provided individual attention and tailored the experience to each person as much as possible. As a result, I left a much better and more confident photographer than when I arrived.

Outside the fantastic location, epic light, seeing the northern lights for the first time and learning opportunities, the best part of attending a workshop is the people you meet along the way. Colby and Peyton are not only great photographers and instructors, but also great individuals, which in my eyes that makes the experience even better.

I left the trip wanting to photograph more, learn more and explore more. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth B.
Go shoot with Colby!

I can’t say enough good things about our workshop with Colby. He’s spent his life traveling the world and photographing it, and is completely willing to share what he’s learned. Colby is extraordinarily generous with his time and knowledge – always ensuring that every participant has the chance to ask any question, and going the extra several miles to ensure that we all walk away with our individual challenges addressed. Whatever your skill level, he treats everyone with consideration and respect – so you’re comfortable asking the most basic of questions. A workshop with Colby will improve and inform the most experienced of photographers and also jump-start the skills of a total newbie – and leave everyone happy. Despite this total professionalism, Colby is an out-of-the-box thinker and there’s nothing ordinary about his workshops. On top of it all, he’s giving back to the world he photographs with The Giving Lens, and is a cool dude to hang out with. Now stop reading my testimonial and go book a trip with CB already!

Chris G
A great experience

I really enjoyed Colby’s workshop. I learnt a lot about photography and also a lot about the business side of photography (which I found really useful). Be it website advice, social media advice, equipment advice Colby was always happy to help. There were all different skill levels on our tour and Colby adapted seamlessly to each participant. While we were there, Iceland had been hit by a lot of snow meaning the Ice Caves were impossible to reach unless you had a 30ft monster truck. Some people might have just apologised and said it’s the weather they’re unreachable. Colby found a tour company with a 30ft monster truck, managed to get us to the caves and they let us stay behind for an additional time after the other people had left. As he said: “I promised I’d get you to the Ice Caves, a promise is a promise”. It was a fun, knowledge experience and I made great friends with everyone on the tour.

Karen K
Such a Fantastic Experience!

Colby’s workshop was truly an awesome experience. Iceland is amazing and Colby had every detail set so we didn’t have to worry about anything but photography. The vibe was laid back and the plans were flexible around the ever-changing weather conditions. I learned a lot and made some lifelong friends in the process. I couldn’t have asked for anything better and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Corey C
Every experience is an opportunity…

…to learn and grow.

I had no expectations as I prepared for Colby’s workshop in Myanmar. What I wanted the most from this trip was the experience of exploring an ancient culture and the opportunity for an amazing adventure, but what I walked away with was so much more.

One of the things I really appreciated the most about working with Colby is the way he pushes you beyond your boundaries in photography. Until this workshop, I spent most of my time photographing in aperture priority mode with auto-focus. This workshop encouraged me to explore and embrace my camera’s manual mode. Now, I’m not new to manual mode–I spend every Milky Way season in manual mode and manual focus–but shooting the night sky in manual isn’t really a challenge. However, when you’re in conditions with fast-changing and dynamic lighting, you really need to think about how each setting affects your image. Colby’s deep technical knowledge and his ability to teach will leave a lasting impression on you as a student… no question is too simple nor too complex.

Thank you Colby (and Erin and Koye!) for an amazing but exhausting trip in Myanmar. This was an experience I will never forget and l’m looking forward to my next adventure with Colby.

Madhavan Parthasarthy
Awesomeness in the Alps!!

My favorite part of this workshop in the Dolomites was the hike up to Cinque Torri followed by the spectacular sunset from the top. The hike up to Tre Cime is also a must-do!

Colby is a phenomenal instructor. He combines humor, deep knowledge of photography, and an expert understanding of light, location, and timing to guide the group to the perfect locations at the right time. I came away with a much better understanding of composition and post-processing, which were my two main goals for this workshop. I’m already looking forward to the next workshops with Colby!

Elaine H.
WOW WOW WOW! Just incredible…

There are almost no words to describe how truly amazing the Iceland Winter Wonderland was and I feel it exceeded my expectations. When I initially found Colby, I was blown away by the images of this trip including the aurora borealis, ice caves and diamond beach. The excitement at seeing the northern lights and the stars was unbelievable.

Colby was so generous with his instruction on achieving the best shot and went above and beyond to make sure I was getting the images I wanted. I also picked up quite a few new editing skills in LR and PS. The trip was well organized and we were able to see so much, including Icelandic horses, waterfalls, glaciers.

I appreciated the time he took to form a group page prior to our workshop. I felt the group dynamic was great for learning and walked away with a group of new friends to share and learn from.

Thank you for giving me a once in a lifetime experience!! I hope to do it again at a new location.

Truly inspirational!

We arrived to the famous “Racetrack” in Death Valley around 4:00 pm after setting our camp site a few miles away. As we walked in , I saw two large buses load several dozen “photographers” from other workshops to head back to their hotels. Our small group had the place to ourselves that sunset, during the night and the next sunrise!” For those chasing the best light, there is no other way. Colby knows it and his workshops are designed to provide participants with an intimate and unique experience. Truly inspirational!

Randall P.
Great locations and learning experience

I greatly appreciated Colby’s philosophy about this photo workshop, which included providing one-on-one advice in the field and deciding where to go for photos based on up-to-the-minute forecasts of auroras and the weather (instead of a fixed daily itinerary). He chose incredible locations for our cabins and the photo outings. Also, Colby made sure that if we had late-night sessions with auroras, we had enough rest the next morning before going out on another photo shoot. His sessions for demonstrating some photo editing tips, as well as individual critiques of photos by Colby and his assistant Pedro, were quite useful. Overall, I learned a lot during this week, and it was also fun. Thanks for everything Colby!

Lauren B
A Truly Tailored Experience

I’m a full time working photographer who is always looking to further my skills. After chatting with Colby I decided that his Iceland photography workshop would be a great fit for me and I was right. Colby pays special attention to individual needs and will keep handing out the knowledge for as long as you keep asking for it. I would recommend a Colby Brown workshop for anyone from a pure beginner photographer to a working professional.

a fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience at Colby’s Zion Workshop. I found his advice that he shared throughout the workshop to be very insightful and helpful. Most photographers want to capture those iconic shots at our national parks such as Zion’s Watchman so I especially appreciated his emphasis on approaching things from different perspective that not only allowed us to avoid a few crowds but also gave us the opportunity to capture some of those iconic shots from a fresh vantage point. In between shooting we had some really great conversations and post processing advice that really completed the experience. I give Colby’s workshop my absolute highest recommendation.

Benjamin Y.
Full service photography workshop experience!

I attended the Iceland Winter Workshop in Winter 2017. Although weather conditions didn’t hold up (you can never expect anything in Iceland) Colby and his assistant Peyton made sure we still had an amazing experience and that we took advantage of every moment of light, weather pattern, or clear sky possible. They both were organized and made sure we were more then prepared for the trip starting months before the workshop and from the moment we arrived in Iceland everything was well organized. I liked that nothing was too set in stone as this allowed us flexibility to take advantage of the every changing weather conditions. It also helps that Colby has been to Iceland almost 30 times so he definitely knows the country well. The small group size allowed for more personal attention as well as development of camaraderie amongst ourselves, so much that we have planned future workshops together. I’m looking forward to coming back again and wouldn’t hesitate to do the exact same workshop as I feel like I only scratched the surface of photographic possibilities to be had in Iceland.

Scott S.
I Got To Visit Another World

Colby’s Iceland workshop took me and my son, Parker, so far beyond any vacation experience. It was a chance to see parts of this planet most never get to see, in the kind of light that leaves you without words to describe. Fortunately, words aren’t required to bring home a piece of it. We were all able to capture images of some of the most spectacular sights you can imagine. With Colby’s expert knowledge of the country, where to find its hidden vistas, and how to really see it in its most amazing light, I was able to take my photographic skills to an entirely new level. I highly recommend this trip with Colby as your guide. It can take you to the top of the world and the peak of your craft. And you should try the lobster pizza. ?

Judith A.
Great for a non-photographer too!

As the wife of an enthusiastic photographer, I loved seeing the beautiful Lofoten landscape and aurora through the eyes of so many visual-image experts. On our own, Randall and I never would have discovered the special places we visited, or found the willpower to be there at sunrise or after midnight, in February. Unburdened by heavy equipment myself, I could traipse around each site and enjoy all the natural beauty as well as studying the interesting behaviours of a whole herd of photographers. Then, in the review and critique sessions, I got to learn about the fantastic possibilities for processing the photos afterward. Colby and Pedro optimized our field experiences beautifully, considering weather and aurora forecasts as they selected the site and time for each excursion. Then they got us there, safely and comfortably. I thank them both for the unique experience!

Andrew Soh
Amazing adventure

Out of a handful of Iceland Photography Tours I’ve researched, Colby’s quick responses to my queries put me at ease with what was expected. The trip itself was an absolute blast – I’ve never traveled with a nicer group of people, and Colby, with his sidekick, Peyton, made sure everyone was well taken care of.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable, and can change in a matter of hours. Colby and Peyton used their extensive experience to move the group away from incumbent weather and put us in locations that had the best available light. The proof is in the pictures we took.

At the very last day of the trip, I decided to signed up for next year’s Patagonia tour.

Mark C
Great First Trip To Zion

I was fortunate to take a quick, three day, Sony sponsored photo trip with Colby as our leader. Colby, as you may know is a Sony Artisan of Imagery. I hadn’t met or been familiar with his work or teaching prior to this event but was looking forward to meeting him and learning new photo techniques. I also hoped for great Zion locations at sunrise and sunset. I was not disappointed! Colby was an impressive instructor. His teaching style with adults is perfect in that he makes himself available for any and all questions but is not intrusive nor pedantic. He helps you think through setting up a picture and is available to help if needed. A goal of mine for this trip was to become more familiar with shooting in Manual mode as well as to use longer exposures. Colby assisted with both culminating in a number of “keepers” from various locations in and around the Virgin River. I also gained from his helping the small group, in his tutorial/post processing session, to learn to pre-visualize a scene from an artistic instead of a strictly technical point of view. In addition, Colby helped me gain expertise with LightRoom editing software. The quality of my finished images definitely improved as a result of this experience. Bottom line, if you have an opportunity to join one of Colby’s tours, grab it. You won’t be disappointed.

wholeheartedly recommended

A tremendous experience. Travelling with Colby is a just great. Trip was carefully planned, we were always on the good side of the light and I personally learned a lot. Following my first trip to Nicaragua with Colby in 2012, I booked again for Hawaii in 2014. Same spirit, care and enjoyment.

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John Yotka
A Beautiful Dolomites Adventure!!

I have wanted to see/photograph the Dolomites, I’ve done other workshops with Colby before and when I saw his Dolomites workshop I knew it would be just what I wanted. He didn’t disappoint! Colby is very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows the area and where to get the best out of the weather conditions to get wonderful photos. He is very personable and responsive to questions you have about how to get what you want out of a shot. I highly recommend any of his workshops!

Vicky S.
Great leadership cultivates magical outcomes

Iceland was my first photography workshop. I lucked out with Colby Brown and Ken Kaminesky as the leaders. I had a significant amount of camera equipment about which I knew little more than there were a lot of buttons. Colby and Ken were pretty amazing in that they were able to accomodate such a beginner yet not slight the more advanced participants. They were also quite adept at dancing with Mother Nature and her incessant interference with the logistical plans. We were an eclectic group that developed into an awesome group if I might be so boastful. Great leadership cultivates magical outcomes.

Madeleine Punde
Patagonia, the Light Seekers

There we were, in one of the most remote southernly parts of the American continent, waiting for the light… and it finally came.
I must say that this photo workshop was very well managed by Colby and his partner in crime Michael. We were at the right spot at the right time to benefit from the best creative environment possible. Colby’s scouting, experience and knowledge made it worth the entire investment.

We got to stay on this beautiful island, with one of most spectacular view points of Torres Del Paine which was perfect for early morning shooting. I will always remember the night hike. The starry sky was just so ominously fascinating and gave rise to the morning light on Mont Fitz Roy, which captivated, inspired and lead to amazing shots, a journey in itself.

Now about Colby… After years of practicing photography and doing some small workshops, I decided that I had to get THE experience of a lifetime. This was my first experience on a photo workshop with Colby Brown Photography. I had seen him in webinars, watched some of his blogs and I really appreciated the way he teaches. I was not disappointed, Colby is exactly the same in person, nothing to hide, all to give. Plus, I gained a wealth of information from all the highly experienced participants.

I would definitely go back to Colby Brown Photography Workshop for another epic journey.

one of the best investments

Attending a couple of Colby Brown’s recent workshops has been one of the best investments of time and money that I have made in photography. When shooting with Colby I have always learned many new things. These lessons may apply to the act of taking pictures, or be related to processing and publishing… or even the business of photography. Either way, they are always valuable.

Chrissy D
Elevating Your Landscape Photography

Colby’s relaxed teaching approach enables students of all levels to benefit from his workshops. Whether shooting iceberg chucks on black sand beaches or chasing the dancing lights of the aurora, Colby’s individual teaching approach will help you become a better photographer. No matter your level of knowledge, he allows ample time for discussions and creates a comfortable environment for attendees to ask anything, from questions on the basics of photography to in-depth technical discussions. There is no end to the amount of knowledge you can gain if you keep asking questions.

Karen Smith
Two down, more to go!`

Well, I’ve been back home for nearly a month now and I can’t get Patagonia out of my mind. The rugged beauty of Torres del Paine and its infamous weather makes for a storybook photography workshop in my opinion. And while I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone considering this trip, let’s just say the little island hostel was an incredibly special place! It was obvious that Colby has scouted Patagonia many times before so he knew which areas would have the best light given the weather conditions. Although the Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountains were snuffed out by heavy low clouds and rain, Colby and Pedro salvaged what could have been a disappointing few days by providing education and individualized instruction on photo management and photo editing via Lightroom and Photoshop. Both of them were always available on location to help with any questions you had with camera settings and finding a good composition. I’ve been on workshops where the tour leaders were off shooting for their own portfolio and leaving you fending for yourself and I can tell you that does not happen here.

I loved the camaraderie of our group and I’m sure I will remain life long friends with many of them. Being able to meet and travel with like-minded people from all over the world with our common love of photography is really special and if you haven’t decided whether to pull the trigger and sign up for one of these workshops, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is my second trip with Colby; the first being the summer Iceland workshop in 2018. If you have a love of waterfalls and other worldly scenery, Iceland is hard to beat. And the camping bit makes it a real adventure!

A special shout out to Pedro Kin, who had endless patience and even better sense of humor! I just can’t say enough about the Patagonia workshop other than I highly recommend it!

Megan J.
Love the workshops

I’ve been on two trips with Colby. Iceland in the summer and Norway in the winter. Both were very different experiences, but I could see my skill growing with each trip. Colby knows great spots to hit for amazing light and can answer any question you throw at him. I love the groups because I learn from the questions they have and the different views everyone has. The trips are fun and beneficial. I will definitely be going back to these places someday.

Shannon H.

I had a fantastic time with Colby and Peyton on my summer trip to Iceland. I learned so much more than I would have in a classroom. Having hours of great light and having instructors right there to give you guidance is something you can’t pass up. Colby and Peyton were great with every person in our group, beginner to professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I truly came out of the workshop a better photographer. Thank you both for that!

one of the best instructors

I recently attended my first workshop with Colby and crew. Not only was I impressed with the quality of the instruction, but Colby worked to ensure I came back with fantastic photos as well. I can easily say that Colby is one of the best instructors on the market and have just signed up for another workshop because of it!

Sandy S.
Cuba changed me in so many ways.

Colby is an amazing humanitarian filled with knowledge and the patients needed to teach and lead a workshop. Cuba is a place so close to home yet so different in life style. On this workshop expect to learn technically, but also learn the true meaning of being grateful. Beauty and sadness abound. So much to document on this trip. You will never be bored and your images will be amazing. Rene is Colby’s assistant in Cuba and the combo of the two is quite entertaining. The other photographers on this adventure were a great group of people of all ages and skill levels and we all remain friends to this day. I highly recommend this workshop and hope to travel again with Colby soon.

John & Jennifer G.
We had an excellent trip

We had an excellent trip with Colby Brown, Jay Patel, and Varina Patel. The trip was well put together and we saw much of the big island. We felt we learned more about landscape photography and photography in general than in any other workshop we have attended. Many techniques were new to us and have improved our approach to photography.

Julie Pritchard
Excellent workshop

My week in Norway with these guys was interesting, educational, fun, beautiful and awe-inspiring. I feel that my photography knowledge and skills benefitted enormously. Colby is amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. The locations were fantastic and even though the weather didn’t do us any favors we made the most of what we got and spent the time when we couldn’t shoot looking at the photos we took and how to edit them. Everyone was able to work at their own pace and improve whatever their level.

Thank you to Pedro for your endless patience as a teacher and being there when I needed help and showing me how to improve my composition and editing which I was struggling with. The individual feedback on my photos was invaluable and your explanations were perfect, I hope to have the opportunity to learn more from you in the future.

I have come home totally in love with photography and am already choosing my next workshop and can’t wait to spend more time touring, shooting and learning from these guys. I can’t recommend the experience enough.

Megan J.
Worth the cold

I have been on 3 of Colby’s workshops and some of my best photos are from the Lofoten Islands. Enduring freezing weather and extreme winds was totally worth it. We only got one night of the aurora but it was glorious. Norway is a much different landscape than my home state of Texas and I greatly enjoyed this and the snow.

Rachel S
Amazing photo tour to Iceland

I toured Iceland with Colby in June 2013 He was the most amazing tour leader one could ever wish for He is a very special person who looked after his group in every way imaginable I always felt safe, comfortable and confident that he would get us to the best possible sites at the right times. He even visited one site several times until the weather finally cooperated for bus to get the shots What could would anyone ask for….

Noa D

The Patagonia workshop was my 3rd one with Colby, so I knew what I was getting myself into, yet it still exceeded expectations.

Patagonia is very unpredictable with its weather conditions, which can really affect what/when you can photograph… So we just came up with plan B as we went along and still got great images, learned something new for post processing or did a time lapse or two. And when the light cooperated… It was beyond amazing!

We got plenty of opportunities to create great images, learn more about post processing, ask any question that came to mind and joke around (a lot).

I always say that the people you attract are often a reflection of who you are, and each of Colby’s workshops seems to have an awesome group of photographers, many of them alumni. I think that speaks volumes!

Thanks Colby and Michael for a great experience. I wish it was a bit of a longer workshop!

Andrew Soh
An Amazing Adventure!

Patagonia has been on my bucket list for a long time. When Colby mentioned it towards the end of our 2018 Iceland winter adventure trip, I signed up on the spot.
Due to the constant changing weather around Torres del Paine (we had wind, rain, snow, sun within a 24 hour period), Colby and Pedro kept us up to date on the forecast and what to expect. They made sure we were safe in the gale-force winds, and helped us plant our tripods in locations with limited wind exposure. They were very patient with our questions and provided good techniques on capturing the best photos given the changing environment.
During downtime when the weather was terrible or the light was bad, Colby gave lessons on Lightroom and Photoshop processing. The lessons alone is worth the price of the entire trip as Colby shared his workflow, tips to make photos come alive, and advice on equipment.
However, the entire trip was not just serious camera work. The group, although coming from different countries and background, came together like old friends after a couple days. We joked, help each other out, and had great dinner conversation over fantastic food. They are the best traveling companions I’ve every experienced in any tour groups — so much so that a handful of us have decided to sign up for Colby’s 2020 Lofoten workshop.

Marielena S
Land of Fire & Ice Magic

Colby’s Iceland workshop featuring “Fire and Ice” is an unforgettable experience that is not to be missed. With over 25 visits to Iceland, Colby knows EXACTLY when and where to put you to capture those images of which you have always dreamed. Though I’m not an avid camper, I really enjoyed camping on this trip because it maximized the photographic experience, allowing Colby to adjust the routing to avoid crazy weather and chase the light. Sleeping during the day and shooting at night meant we had the most stunning sites in Iceland all to ourselves with unbelievable light. Colby’s hidden gem destinations were definitely the highlight of the trip. And, using Colby’s favorite .5-.7 second shutter speed for moving water has been game-changing for me. I can’t wait to join Colby on a future trip!

Noa D
A different world

I had Myanmar on my travel list for years and after taking the Lofoten Islands workshop with Colby, it was a no brainer booking this trip with him.

The trip was meticulously planned with everything accounted for, including a great local guide and co leader (Erin). The itinerary was packed and I was pushed outside my comfort zone daily, encouraged to explore and try different things, which paid off big time in some of the images I captured.

I loved learning about the history and culture of Myanmar and the interactions we had with the locals left me with a smile on my face. It added a special touch to the workshop.

We had a great group of photographers, and I am still in contact with most of them. Thank you for the experience in Myanmar and bringing us all together!

Chrissy D
Arctic Adventure of a Lifetime

Colby’s knowledge in photography and the travel is unparalleled. Moreover, he is an open book willing to share his experiences and thoughts on topics from the most basic of photography questions to technical gear debates. Whether chasing the aurora in the Arctic Circle or finding the perfect seascape composition in the fjords of Norway, Colby will guide you through his approach. In addition, he provides ample opportunities during downtime to ask questions and review post-processing techniques. His workshops give you the best chances for finding color in the skies as well as elevating your photography to a new level.

Sergio S.
Improving Even More of My skills!

This was my second workshop and it lived up to my expectations. Colby again showed his wealth of knowledge and experience in working in Iceland by taking us to stunning locations in this amazing country. This time I was able to improve on even more skills for landscape photography and learn advanced photo processing techniques, which made it possible for me to turn my workflow into something more professional and refined.

I highly recommend Colby Brown’s workshops!!

Greg B.
Amazing photography tour and workshop

What an experience! We traveled to some amazing locations and received great guidance from Colby and Peyton. I’m a better photographer because of it. The group size was ideal and the other photographers were motivating and fun to be around. I have memories that will last a lifetime.

Great Person to Learn With!

In 2019 I joined Colby’s Norway-Lofoten Islands workshop in February. Colby and his team of Pedro and Brian are highly professional, polite, humble, knowledgeable and always available and willing to help and teach. All arrangements right from airport pickup, workshop content, hotel accommodations, and time management were highly professional, even in the face of dealing with challenging weather.

I am looking forward to Colby’s upcoming trip to South Georgia and many more trips with Colby. It is so good to work with you Colby!

Aubrey S.
Amazing experience with awesome people!

I had such an amazing time on this trip. Colby and Peyton took wonderful care of us the whole time and were very attentive whenever we were shooting at a location to make sure they were answering any questions we had and to just generally check in. Both Colby and Peyton are extremely personable and a joy to travel with.

I particularly enjoyed the flexibility on this tour to travel to where the light was good, so we almost always showed up at a location under amazing light.

One thing I will say, is that if you aren’t big into photographing waterfalls, the summer Iceland trip may not be the best choice for you, as we went to a LOT of waterfalls. I love to photograph waterfalls, so this was right up my alley. But something to keep in mind if you’re trying to pick between workshops.

Overall, my trip was just fantastic from the locations to the learning to the people. I am definitely planning on booking another workshop with Colby in the future!