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Colby Brown

Meet the New Lightroom Mobile for Android

Adobe just announced the brand new LR Mobile app for Android. In it you will find a variety of new and powerful features that have come over from its Desktop cousin. Continuing reading to learn more about LR Mobile!

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Adobe Releases Photoshop CS6 – 10 Videos Demonstrating Its Features

  Adobe recently announced the release of Adobe Photoshop CS6 after a short beta period. After having spent the last month digging through the BETA version, I am happy to report that CS6 is a very worthy upgrade to the Photoshop program. Between the increase in speed, ability to save while managing other tasks and

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peek

  Adobe has started to release a series of videos that demo some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop CS6 that is set to be released at some point in 2012. This post will continue to be updated as the videos are released. You should have no issues being able to upgrade from Photoshop

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