Andrew Soh

An Amazing Adventure!
Patagonia has been on my bucket list for a long time. When Colby mentioned it towards the end of our 2018 Iceland winter adventure trip, I signed up on the spot. Due to the constant changing weather around Torres del Paine (we had wind, rain, snow, sun within a 24 hour period), Colby and Pedro kept us up to date on the forecast and what to expect. They made sure we were safe in the gale-force winds, and helped us plant our tripods in locations with limited wind exposure. They were very patient with our questions and provided good techniques on capturing the best photos given the changing environment. During downtime when the weather was terrible or the light was bad, Colby gave lessons on Lightroom and Photoshop processing. The lessons alone is worth the price of the entire trip as Colby shared his workflow, tips to make photos come alive, and advice on equipment. However, the entire trip was not just serious camera work. The group, although coming from different countries and background, came together like old friends after a couple days. We joked, help each other out, and had great dinner conversation over fantastic food. They are the best traveling companions I've every experienced in any tour groups -- so much so that a handful of us have decided to sign up for Colby's 2020 Lofoten workshop.