Dana C.

Absolutely An Amazing Experience!!!
I cannot speak highly enough about my experience attending the Colby Brown Patagonia workshop. It was evident from the moment I signed up that Colby and his assistant Pedro have extensive experience leading workshops and wanted to ensure that we had an amazing experience. Prior to arrival, we were provided with information packets outlining everything from what to bring, what to expect, and answers to every question we could possibly have. They established open lines of communication so that the workshop students could communicate with each other and with the instructors before the trip. The information they provided prior to the workshop put me at ease traveling to a new country by myself.

Colby and Pedro are phenomenal photographers. I admire their work and had been looking forward to the opportunity to learn from them. What I learned from them was far more than I could have imagined. I learned not only technical aspects of photography but also shooting with purpose and intent. Colby's knowledge of the area allowed us to get to the right locations in the varying weather conditions. The passion Colby and Pedro have for photography are evidenced in their teaching. They genuinely wanted to elevate each of us and were free in sharing their knowledge. They set the tone for the group; encouraging us to share our stories and interacting with everyone. This created a wonderful group dynamic and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Colby and Pedro left a lasting positive impact on me. They are exceptional people, photographers, and teachers. This was truly an experience of a lifetime. I encourage anyone considering doing a workshop with them to do it without any hesitation. I am looking forward to doing another workshop with Colby and Pedro in the near future!