Dana Cano

Beautiful Bolivia!
I am so thankful to have joined this workshop. There is no way I would have been able to coordinate all that we were able to do and see on my own. Extensive planning had to go into this trip for it to run as smoothly as it did. We made the most out of our time there and got to see and experience more than I could have imagined. We had a local guide who was a wealth of knowledge, excellent drivers that were familiar with all the difficult terrains, and I learned so much from Colby about Astro photography and post processing. What I liked about this workshop is that although it was centered around Astro photography, we had the opportunity to also shoot various landscapes, wildlife and do some street photography as well. As with all of Colby’s workshops, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful experience. His passion for photography is evident and he is an exceptional teacher. Even if it is freezing cold outside or early in the morning, his upbeat and positive attitude set the tone for it to be a great experience. I loved this workshop, and highly recommend it!