Gani A

Saved from fill-the frame and rule-of-thirds
Like most anything, what you get out of workshops depend largely on you, your guide and the weather at your location. You understandably have no control over the last one, some control over the second and complete control over the first one. By going with a Guide like Colby who is always willing to share, you'll only have to worry about the first. I tend to think myself as an occasional landscape photographer, as in "if there's a mountain in front of me, I may take a shot." Where Colby has really helped was to help me see things a different way from the mold I've gotten used-to. Leave some space for the composition to breathe, balance the elements and no, horizon in the middle is not always boring. Colby makes himself available during workshop photoshoot sessions and afterwards for image review and critique, I suggest you take advantage of those. It's the fastest way to advance your craft!