Gerold Merker

Another Great Costa Rica Trip!
Late in October 2023, I received a call from my friend, Warren Treacher, asking me if I would like to accompany him to Costa Rica in January 2024. After much thought (for an hour or so) I signed up for the Colby Brown Costa Rica Photography Workshop. To say I am pleased with this company is an understatement! All the people involved were experts in their field: from the chauffeur to the guides to Colby himself, all were in top form. We visited four different locales, each providing unique photographic experiences. Every day, Colby seemed to pull magic out of his sleeve, which only increased daily! He is an expert photographer who is very knowledgeable in all camera formats. He never tired of having to answer the same questions every day. His calm demeanor was refreshing to experience. Colby was clear before we went out on our experiences about what camera lenses we should use and what items we would need to bring to make that experience comfortable. The chauffeur, Wilson, was an unbelievable driver. He was always cautious, never got lost and at times would fill us in on the history of his country. The chief guide, Ken, was an expert birder and photographer who would help us with bird identification and our photography. A bonus was the group we went with. All the people who participated in the workshop were fun-loving and experienced photographers which added to the experience. I cannot recommend Colby Brown’s workshop highly enough to anyone interested in world travel and nature photography!