Karyn W

Exceeded Our Expectations!
My husband joined me on the Costa Rica workshop and we both are totally pleased with all aspects of it. It is obvious that Colby put a lot of time and attention into all of the various details and he seemed to also be thinking about and open to changes on the fly to improve the experience. The local guides were all great, especially Ken, our main local guide who spent the entire trip with us, and our driver, Wilson. All of the guides, and Colby, went the extra mile to deliver opportunities for various bird species as well as other animals that we were interested in. We photographed beautiful hummingbirds, toucans, tanagers, and water birds, as well as some King vultures. We practiced macro photography on snakes, bats, and some very interesting tiny frogs. Our accommodations and dining choices were all local to the areas we visited and it was fun to experience what felt like real Costa Rica. Let's talk about Colby though. Simply put, he is a great workshop leader. It was apparent he has genuine relationships with the local guides at all of our various venues and they enjoy working together. We never saw him get impatient with any of the many, many questions thrown his way during the 9 days we spent together; and besides that, his knowledge is deep and his willingness to share it is sincere. He is also fun to be around and when you spend a fair number of hours traveling around a small country (in a pretty nice small bus, btw), you want to be with people who are enjoyable to spend time with. Colby certainly is and so were the rest of the participants. We would highly recommend a Colby Brown workshop and anticipate signing up for another one!
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