Madeleine Punde

Patagonia, the Light Seekers
There we were, in one of the most remote southernly parts of the American continent, waiting for the light… and it finally came.
I must say that this photo workshop was very well managed by Colby and his partner in crime Michael. We were at the right spot at the right time to benefit from the best creative environment possible. Colby’s scouting, experience and knowledge made it worth the entire investment.

We got to stay on this beautiful island, with one of most spectacular view points of Torres Del Paine which was perfect for early morning shooting. I will always remember the night hike. The starry sky was just so ominously fascinating and gave rise to the morning light on Mont Fitz Roy, which captivated, inspired and lead to amazing shots, a journey in itself.

Now about Colby… After years of practicing photography and doing some small workshops, I decided that I had to get THE experience of a lifetime. This was my first experience on a photo workshop with Colby Brown Photography. I had seen him in webinars, watched some of his blogs and I really appreciated the way he teaches. I was not disappointed, Colby is exactly the same in person, nothing to hide, all to give. Plus, I gained a wealth of information from all the highly experienced participants.

I would definitely go back to Colby Brown Photography Workshop for another epic journey.