Mia Miller

A Grand Place to Learn!
As someone who was foreign to landscape photography but adept with other styles of shooting, it was such an enlightening experience to learn something brand-new on-location, with any questions I had answered immediately and, in my opinion, in a superior way that I would have found online. There's the aspect of being in such grand and beautiful places that give learning a whole new layer of excitement. Pedro, our guide, made sure we would arrive to location earlier than any other people we were met with, granting us the best view of the landscape we were going after. The planning of the days seemed a little unreal-- to think that we had the time to not only visit all the places we did (which was a lot!), but to feel satisfied with the time spent there, and not feeling rushed at all. Pedro was also always on-top of the aurora light forecast, checking frequently, and getting us to those beautiful landscapes or water bays, for a perfect composition when the auroras arrived in the sky. I've had so much fun going through my photographs so far, and am totally satisfied with what I've learned, my results, and the experience as a whole. It has created a new appreciation for landscape photography and I can now document and capture my travels at an immensely higher level. I highly recommend a Colby Brown workshop!