Mike M

Myanmar - land of (photo) opportunity
In November 2017, I went on a photo workshop to Myanmar with Colby Brown Photography. I had some trepidation in signing up for a workshop halfway around the world. Would it be worth the time? Would I get the images I wanted/hoped for? Would I learn positive things from the experience? After heading to Myanmar to meet Colby and his crew, I can say that the answers to all my questions is an emphatic ‘yes’.

Landing in Myanmar and finding my way to the hotel was the beginning of an adventure. We traveled and photographed Myanmar over the next eight days. We started in Yangon. We also visited Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay spending a few days in each. We had photo excursions in the mornings for sunrise, during the day at a variety of locations from farms to fishermen and markets to monks then, at sunset, we had other locations to shoot. The pace made for full days but we were never rushed. Each of the photographic locations was planned out and organized allowing us to maximize the time for shooting we had at each amazing locale. Colby obviously had a solid plan for each day and it really showed.

Colby is an expert in his field and it shows. From the ideas behind composition to exposure to post processing, Colby has it covered. Apart from being an expert in his field, Colby also has the ability to work with a wide range of different personality types and speak to them at their level. His attitude, willingness to help and ability to meet you at your level makes his instructional time valuable. There were two instructors on our trip and a local guide to help with anything that needed doing. The staff were available to assist, guide, cajole or help in any way with your photography or getting some incidental you may need.

The other aspect that made the trip important to me was the people who were my workshop attendees. I must add here that every one of the people on the trip with us was a pleasure. Everyone was so flexible, knowledgeable and interesting. I feel very fortunate to have chosen Colby’s Myanmar workshop and to be with all these fantastic people. I would recommend Colby to anyone thinking about a global photographic opportunity.

I look forward to heading out to another part of the world with Colby in the future.