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Doubt helps me find answers!
Photographing wild animals? I've never done this before. I wondered if I signed up the wrong tour group. In fact, this is an all-in-one trip that combines scenery, wildlife, people and culture. Namibia is a unique country that is worth seeing. Not only was I fascinated by landscapes and cultures, but I also developed new interests. The team atmosphere is great - relaxed, friendly, open minded. Colby has a good knowledge of photographic equipment and animal behavior. He took the time to patiently answer all questions and guide us to capture the best shots. He was caring, considerate and supportive along the way. Most importantly, Colby has a big heart. I'm in awe of his Giving Lens Foundation's philosophy and mission - to educate and support local people, and to give back to the community while filming around the world. I would say the trip to Namibia was one of the best photo trips of my life. I learned so much and brought back so many unforgettable photos, great memories and friendships. Doubt helps me find new answers! This was my first time traveling with Colby, but it certainly won't be my last! Thank you, Colby!