Noa D

The Patagonia workshop was my 3rd one with Colby, so I knew what I was getting myself into, yet it still exceeded expectations.

Patagonia is very unpredictable with its weather conditions, which can really affect what/when you can photograph... So we just came up with plan B as we went along and still got great images, learned something new for post processing or did a time lapse or two. And when the light cooperated... It was beyond amazing!

We got plenty of opportunities to create great images, learn more about post processing, ask any question that came to mind and joke around (a lot).

I always say that the people you attract are often a reflection of who you are, and each of Colby's workshops seems to have an awesome group of photographers, many of them alumni. I think that speaks volumes!

Thanks Colby and Michael for a great experience. I wish it was a bit of a longer workshop!