Peter Z

An Experience of a Lifetime!
Let’s face it, most of us who come on workshops like this are very unlikely to give up our day jobs and persue a career in photography. But we all love the craft and we all want to improve. Coming on this tour, I walked away a better photographer than I was coming into it and, for just a few days, enjoyed the experience of feeling a bit like a professional photographer. I don’t think there was much more I could have hoped for from this workshop.

Colby is an inspiration and a real people person. He is great with helping people to move forward in their craft, whatever their level, but not by hand-holding or doing it for you. His method is better because he helps you learn it for yourself and that stays with you.

The workshop is very thoughtfully put together, and even when we didn’t have the best weather Colby ensured we put the time to good use by hosting editing sessions. We were never bored and the camaraderie of the group was strong.

The greatest compliment that I can give Colby for his workshop experience, is that I can’t wait to have the privilege to do one again. I confess, for two nights after my return, I just dreamt of the northern lights and ice caves. I also walked away with new friends with a similar level of passion for photography. If you love photography, don’t even hesitate, make the most of the chance to have the Colby Brown experience and sign up! Now!