A heartfelt workshop with Colby!
I took two workshops with Colby this year. The first was in Patagonia and 2nd one that I just completed was in Namibia. The Patagonia workshop made me feel worth waiting for two years, and the Namibia workshop went beyond my expectation! The Namibia workshop covered photographing landscapes, cultures, and wild animals. Colby provided us with every opportunity he could for us to learn and practice in photography. Additionally, the workshop included visiting and photographing the Himba tribe, which gave us an opportunity to interact with Himba people and observe their way of living. Colby has a warm heart to humanity that earned my trust and respect. Namibia is a big country with minimum highway infrastructure. During the first week of the trip, we were riding on a bus about 7-8 hours each day from one location to another. My step counter accumulated over 8000 steps every day by simply sitting on the bus alone. Colby made good effort in making us feel comfortable with the ride. Hotels were luxury and food was fantastic, which made it possible for us to regain energy next morning. We were very lucky to have our local guide Abel and beloved driver Peter with us. Both of them provided us history culture lessons and safety net for us to enjoy every place we went. There were full of laughs, humors, storytelling, photography discussions and information sharing among the group members during the entire trip, making me feel we are in a big happy family. Thank Colby for everything you did for us, and I am looking forward to joining you again in the near future!