Worth the Wait and the Setback!
I signed up this workshop in March 2020. While I got everything ready, the entire trip was postponed due to the Pandemic. Finally, Colby notified us that the workshop would be held in March 2022. After waiting for 2 years, I couldn't wait any longer! Ironically, on the way to Punta Arenas, my flight was delayed multiple times, which messed up all my connecting flights and pre-booked accommodations. After being sleepless for two nights, I finally met Pedro who picked me up at the airport. That was where my Patagonia journey began with Colby, Pedro, Rodrigo and my fellow workshop members. Our time together was full of learning, practice, challenges, tips and laughs thoughout the entire workshop. I learned so much not only from Colby and Pedro, but also from our local guide Rodrigo and my fellow members! Certainly, it was a truly exciting, productive, unforgettable, and wild workshop that will be in my memory forever!