Tom from Missouri

Money Well Spent!
I've organized this testimonial into three parts: 1) Location Logistics, 2) Educational Value, and 3) Conviviality. Location Logistics - The workshop was planned around sixteen sunrise and sunset shoots over eight days. Colby is well versed in "chasing the light" to ensure that time spent at each location leveraged the best best possible light. On two occasions we returned (on subsequent days) to sites for better/different light perspectives. Educational Value - I'd rate my photography skills at an advanced beginner level. Colby was helpful in answering questions about settings of my Sony A7iii camera, recommending framing alterations for ideal compositions and explaining nuances of using polarizing and neutral density filters at reflection scenes. I own two lenses - a wide angle and a zoom lens. Colby was willing to share lenses when a particular scene was better served by a lens that I don't own. Conviviality - Best of all, was Colby's upbeat personality and enthusiasm for his art. He is not pretentious about his reputation in the industry. All-in-all he's "good people" and a natural leader - perfectly suited to his profession. Tom