Andrew Soh

Amazing Awesome Adventure!
Truth to be said .. this is not a sit-back-and-shoot vacation trip, but the results are worth it! First of all, getting into Bolivia was complete chaos. This is not a fault of Colby, but simply the Bolivian government's disdain for American tourists. Be prepared to spend 45 minutes to 2 hour per person at immigration on landing. Other than that, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. Colby and his guide/drivers took good care of us. The nights were long and we had 4-5 hours of sleep each night before shooting followed by a few hours of sleep after breakfast. The high elevation doesn't really help either. However, looking back on the trip, we had a great time shooting, learning from each other, and lusting after new equipment that someone bought. Colby is an incredible coach and you will learn new techniques even if you already have many years of shooting under your belt. This is my fifth adventure trip with Colby and I've enjoyed every single one of them!