The Land of Fire & Ice!
What a great experience! The land of ice and fire really lived up to its name with our seven days of itinerant workshop in southern Iceland. Iceland is the realm of contrasts, where you can admire surprising landscapes, extreme nature, indescribable colors, the spectacle of the aurora borealis, geysers, and glaciers, as well as lava deserts and snow-capped peaks! And then the characteristic animals such as seals and reindeer! A land where glaciers alternate with black deserts, lagoons dotted with icebergs and impressive waterfalls. An island where nature shows itself in all its ruthlessness and in all charm. This workshop allowed us to discover the hidden face of Iceland safely and enjoyably. A group tour made up of a few people, so as to always guarantee the respect and silence necessary to appreciate the places! Leading the tour is an expert photographer, Pedro, who meticulously followed the program articulating the course with an alternation of theory and practice, communicating naturally and simply. This workshop is one of a kind, both for the landscapes and for the northern lights. Incredibly Pedro was always up to date on the weather and lighting conditions, always without fail! In summary, a program respected to the letter, breathtaking locations and high-level accommodations. I would advise all enthusiasts to participate in a workshop of this kind and to visit Iceland, especially in winter!