Benjamin Y.

Full service photography workshop experience!
I attended the Iceland Winter Workshop in Winter 2017. Although weather conditions didn't hold up (you can never expect anything in Iceland) Colby and his assistant Peyton made sure we still had an amazing experience and that we took advantage of every moment of light, weather pattern, or clear sky possible. They both were organized and made sure we were more then prepared for the trip starting months before the workshop and from the moment we arrived in Iceland everything was well organized. I liked that nothing was too set in stone as this allowed us flexibility to take advantage of the every changing weather conditions. It also helps that Colby has been to Iceland almost 30 times so he definitely knows the country well. The small group size allowed for more personal attention as well as development of camaraderie amongst ourselves, so much that we have planned future workshops together. I'm looking forward to coming back again and wouldn't hesitate to do the exact same workshop as I feel like I only scratched the surface of photographic possibilities to be had in Iceland.