Clodagh M

A must for Every Landscape Photographer
I originally signed up for the workshop with Colby to become more familiar with my Sony mirrorless camera. I had not anticipated seeing the Northern lights but Colby’s experience with chasing the aurora gave us a number of opportunities. He managed to get us to the best locations just in time (no waiting for hours in the cold) to capture these dancing lights against stunning backdrops . This was where Colby’s experience really came to the fore.

Colby is a great educator . Both he and Pedro were very patient and always on hand for advice during those panic moments (of which I had many) as you’re trying to catch that perfect image . We also got individual critiques of our images, post processing tips and for me great camera setting advice.

I would highly recommend going on tour with Colby if you want to improve your photographic skills in amazing locations, meet great people ,stay in stunning accommodation right on the water and most importantly come home with a new approach to landscape photography. Thank you Colby and Pedro !