Outstanding Costa Rica Adventure!
My first workshop with Colby and his team and also my first workshop dedicated to wildlife photography. Colby's enthusiasm and energy for leading workshops was readily apparent from the start. Colby has spent a lot of time in Costa Rica and is very knowledgeable with the local environment and wildlife specifies. By the end of the workshop, I learned the basics of both macro flash photography and strategies to increase hit rates with fast moving subjects like BIF and hummingbirds. As expected Colby is very helpful with gear questions/set up for anything Sony, but was also helpful in assisting clients using non-Sony gear. We had plenty of photo opportunities during our week, usually starting early in the morning and frequent evening/night shoots as well. I also found Colby very responsive to pre-trip planning questions. As an added bonus, the entire group was a lot of fun (several of the participants had previously met on a previous Colby Brown workshop). I look forward to doing another workshop with Colby!