Elizabeth Brooke

My third trip with Colby!
This is my third trip with Colby. Each adventure with him has provided me with new skills and understanding in my pursuit of photography. On this trip, I learned so much: 1) How to pair my camera with a remote for flash 2)What settings to use for flash 3) Shooting macro 4) It is tough to shoot hummingbirds 5) Night photography is a blast 6)Don't carry around a heavy tripod (I bought the featherweight Leofoto tripod for the next trip) 7) Gimbals are better than fluid heads for fast moving animals and birds 8) It is ok to ask for help 9) Just when one thinks one cannot go any further, one can (with a little help from my friends). Costa Rica is an easy country to get to from the states, the roads are good, and the locations are not too spread apart. Because Colby has been to Costa Rica numerous times, he has insider knowledge of the best possible places to find wildlife to photograph. Our great and cohesive group had an optimal and rewarding experience.