Vito L Tanzi

Another Incredible Workshop!
I absolutely loved our Costa Rica Workshop. We went to incredible locations and took so many great photos. It is very apparent that Colby loves Costa Rica, Photography but mostly he loves sharing his knowledge. He found the best locations, with guides that showed us things that we could never see if we were going on our own. You can immediately tell how many times he has been to Costa Rica from the connections he has made of years of repeated visits. I met Colby in October 2022 when I joined his Namibia workshop. So going on another workshop with him 3 months later says it all. In fact, we had 4 participants from our Namibia workshop that joined the Costa Rica workshop. As they say "birds of a feather flock together" pun intended. Colby, is able to to attract fun, interesting and kind participants that are joy to spend 10 days with. We have formed friendships that will go on for years and years. I am already planning my next Colby adventure! I cannot recommend him high enough as a person and photographer.