Costa Rica Experience
After the wonderful experience of Colby's Iceland Winter Wonderland photo workshop, my wife and I decided that our second workshop with him would be in Costa Rica, as we had a desire to visit the rainforest and the countless plant and animal species. It was an unforgettable experience, which far exceeded our expectations, thanks to a safe and respectful approach to nature and wildlife! During the workshop the theoretical and practical concepts of naturalistic photography were addressed, followed by concrete examples that highlight the photographic language providing the basis for moving independently. The workshop is therefore suitable for those who are fasting with knowledge of photographic language, both for amateur photographers and experienced professionals! During each of our shooting sessions, Colby worked closely with his participants to make sure that no one fell behind. He shared his insights & thoughts without making things complicated and was always happy to answer questions. Overall it was a very positive experience! The success of the workshop, in addition to Colby’s skills, was also due to the quality of the participants. Humble, competent, interested, interesting, stimulating! This workshop allowed me to be creative in a constructive way. Even though English is my second language, this trip helped me grow my knowledge of photography and practice new techniques that has made me a better wildlife photographer. But Colby has an ace up his sleeve: his collaborators. In this case, the outings have always been amazing thanks to Kenneth, his local guide, to help him with both the technical and scientific knowledge.