Unforgettable Costa Rica Photography Adventure!!
I recently had the pleasure of attending my first tour with Colby Brown, an experience that exceeded all my expectations. As someone who has been on numerous other photography workshops (with different companies), I can confidently say that Colby’s workshop was a cut above the rest. Unlike some workshop leaders, Colby took the time on every shoot to check in with each participant to ensure they got the best shots possible. He was always on hand to share his expertise or provide guidance when needed. He was assisted for the full trip by a local guide called Kenneth, whose extensive knowledge of the region and wildlife (including bird calls!) was a major plus for the whole group. The trip included numerous dedicated sessions for different species, including quetzals, hummingbirds, owls, and vultures. We gained valuable experience in multi-flash photography for both bats and hummingbirds, with most of the necessary equipment provided for us. However, the definite highlight for me was learning about macro photography using our own flash, which has the potential to create stunning and unique images. We applied what we were taught to shoot various species of frogs and snakes, both during a night walk and under more controlled setups. For each session, Colby teamed up with local experts to ensure maximum quality and safety, which allowed us to focus on capturing the perfect shot. The images I was able to take far exceeded what I imagined (my favourite shots from the workshop can be found in the link), and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have learned from such a talented and experienced photographer. If you’re looking for a photography workshop that provides you with the opportunity to photograph some of the most colourful and amazing wildlife species on the planet, while learning how to be a better photographer, I highly recommend Colby Brown’s Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Workshop. You won’t regret it!