Land of the Jaguar!
I very much enjoyed the week-long workshop in Brazil and I highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in wildlife photography! The priority was photographing the jaguars and we got so many sightings that I lost count! We also saw and photographed other animals such as caiman, various birds and, on the first and last nights, ocelots from a specially set up hide. The format of the workshop was morning and evening boat trips cruising the river in small, maneuverable motor boats driven by experienced and very capable local guides, so almost all of the photography was done from the boats. The jaguars come to the river bank to hunt in the dry season and the area is known for its large jaguar population, which is why there is a high chance of success in photographing them. The weather was very hot and the sun is intense – as much sun protection as possible and a buff proved very useful! This workshop is ideal for anyone who is not looking for a physical challenge as we spent most of the time sitting down, it was all very relaxed. I also appreciated not having to travel with lots of gear – just a long lens. The food was buffet style in the 2 hotels we stayed at and it was delicious! I learnt a lot, as is always the case with Colby, came away with thousands of images of jaguars and loved my first trip to Brazil!