Timothy Nadiope

Unforgettable Experience
As a tour guide from Uganda in Africa, Having just returned from a workshop with Colby in Kenya, I am still absorbing the impact of our extraordinary experience in Kenya. Colby orchestrated an intense itinerary for our group. A game drive in the Maasai Mara was one of the most amazing and unforgettable lifetime experiences. The trip was well organized, flexible where needed, and a lot of fun. The accommodations Colby chose allowed us to easily interact with the Kenyan people who were kind, friendly and welcoming. Regarding the Mara game drive, we saw lots of animals fascinated with how up-close one can get to the Lions as a photographer your left with lots of options for your great shots. Though this required a lot of patience besides the excitements, these were breathtaking images I’ll never forget! One key aspect that makes Colby’s workshops standout are the sessions he holds throughout the trip to review your photos and offer suggestions on composition, settings and postprocessing. Colby has truly made me a much better “photographer”!