Madhavan Parthasarthy

Pink Patagonian Sunrises!
This was my second workshop with Colby. I had done the Dolomites workshop last year and had a great time. Patagonia exceeded my expectations! From the workshop start in Punta Arenas to the time in Torres del Paine National Park, Colby had all the best locations scouted with backup plans and contingencies for every scenario. My personal favorite on this trip was sunrise at Hosteria Pehoe from the lagoon overlooking the Cuernos. The day started off rainy but the skies cleared with pinks, purples, and two rainbows right at sunrise. And, as an astrophotographer, I found Colby’s patience and detailed explanations on how to pull out details in the Milky Way core to be very educational and spot on. I’m very happy with my results from this workshop and I'm already looking forward to the next workshop of his!