Worth the Wait!
This was a trip originally booked for April 2020 visiting Patagonia from both Chile and Argentina. Due to ongoing difficulties in crossing the border the trip was reoriented around Chile and the Torres del Paine National Park. This gave us the opportunity to get much more intimate with this area of outstanding natural beauty and it does mean that the Argentinian side is there for a potential future trip. During the Pandemic Colby kept us informed and shared his plans as best he could for the potential dates for the rescheduled trip and his communication throughout has been excellent. Colby assisted by his partner Pedro and their local guide Rodrigo provided my best photography trip yet. They were always available out on location without being intrusive, gave great advice and suggestions, and answered any questions. During our downtime periods, they both made themselves available for guidance on camera settings processing tips and tricks. They were also happy to make their equipment available for handling and testing. It was a fabulous learning experience and a really enjoyable workshop complemented by the incredible dynamics within the multi National group. The leaders relaxed ways rubbed off on all of us from day 1. Rodrigo provided the extra local knowledge and was very accommodating in doing small side excursions, giving great tips on different locations, including helping us set up a car lights trail shot. His knowledge of wild life is particularly impressive. The trip had great landscape locations, wildlife and Milky Way opportunities. The light was so varied and the weather unpredictable, but if you didn’t like it, wait half an hour and it will have changed! In summary the locations were fabulous, the hotels comfortable, their staff very friendly, the food excellent, the master classes from the leaders first class and the group dynamics superb with everyone learning from everyone and helping each other to get better., with plenty of fun and laughs along the way. Just one word of warning, bring a spare 2tb external drive, you will need it!