Great Wildlife and Learning Experience!
Colby and his outstanding Costa Rican bird expert, Kenneth, made this a successful and very memorable trip. As a biologist, I had been wanting to go to Costa Rica for decades, and this workshop exceeded my expectations. I photographed dozens of wildlife species that were completely new to me -- birds, a sloth, frogs, snakes, and nectar-feeding bats. I also had no previous experience with using flash to photograph the latter three species groups, so those sessions were instructive and produced great photos, too. Much to my surprise, we also saw iconic male Quetzal birds in the cloud forest. Colby chose excellent and easily-accessible locations for photographing a diverse range of wildlife, at both feeders and in the wild. The accommodations were generally very good, even though some of them were quite remote. The workshop attracted a fun group of serious photographers, so the week was both amusing and rewarding. I highly recommend this workshop to others!