Debbie and Tom

An Amazing Costa Rican Experience!
This was our first tour with Colby and upon arrival we were quite anxious to embark on our journey, which started almost immediately after introductions and a brief meeting regarding logistics. Our tour was broken up into 4 different locales, each offering something unique. Whether we were photographing the exotic and beautiful birds of Costa Rica, the colorful and unique reptiles and amphibians, or the amazing bats, it was always a thrill, so much so that at the end of each day we would say “that was my favorite part so far”, day after day. New for us was the macro work, as well as the flash skills, which we both hope to use again in the future. Each day seemed to build on the next. Colby was great at making sure that we all were comfortable with our cameras and settings and was particularly skilled at bringing everyone’s skills up to speed, answering questions along the way … and believe me, we didn’t hold back. LOL. Even more than that, he always made sure to not only answer our questions, but also took the time to challenge us to be sure that we understood why. His local guide and assistant during our tour, Kenneth, was equally amazing and a skilled photographer as well, so that was an added bonus. Both were quite passionate, whether herping or birding, it was quite infectious, and before long we found ourselves just as excited. Every part of the tour was so well executed, the lodges were quite comfortable and our meals were delicious. An amazing trip, so much learned, new experiences galore, great conversations, lots of laughs, and many new friends made along the way. As we said earlier, this was our first trip with Colby … and we doubt it will be our last. Thanks so much!