Warren Treacher

The Best Costa Rica Trip!
I was fortunate enough to take a recent trip with Colby Brown to Costa Rica, and it was fantastic! Colby manages to be spot on every day in spite of being pestered all day with my repetitive questions and comments. He somehow wrangles cats without ever losing his composure, sense of humor, or delightful temperament! Several times (likely everyday) I would find myself struggling with either the camera settings or spotting a subject and without even asking he would magically be at my side helping me out no matter what the issue. Our group of eight people quickly morphed into a very cohesive and well natured bunch mostly because of Colby's seamless efforts and good nature. He not only found some of the best places to view and photograph wildlife in Costa Rica but also located the best local guides to help us appreciate them! I now plan to accompany him again on other wonderful adventures throughout the world whenever I get the opportunity!