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Gear Review: A Photographers Look At The Dell XPS 15 2:1 (9575)

Written by: Colby Brown / 15 Comments

In May of this year (2018), Dell launched the XPS 15 2:1 9575 hybrid laptop powerhouse, a device I have personally been looking forward to for some time. Back in November of last year, Dell invited me and a handful of people to a private event in Austin where among other things, I was able to briefly check out a prototype of what would eventually become the 9575. As a photographer and creator, this laptop seemed to check a lot of important boxes when it came to building my dream laptop, but that was on paper. How well does it …

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Gear Review: A Photographers Take Dell XPS 13 (9370) Quad-Core Laptop

Written by: Colby Brown / 18 Comments

When it comes to finding the perfect laptop as a photographer, we are often torn between the choice of getting something fast and powerful or lightweight and portable. While thin and light machines were typically underpowered but provided good battery life, the more powerful laptops were thicker and heavier, often weighing between two or threes times as much. But what happens if you want something that is both powerful and lightweight? Something that can handle those large MP images but that doesn’t weigh over 4lbs in the process? With the launch of the new 2018 XPS 13 (9370), Dell feels …