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Gear Review: A Photographers Take Dell XPS 13 (9370) Quad-Core Laptop

Written by: Colby Brown / 18 Comments

When it comes to finding the perfect laptop as a photographer, we are often torn between the choice of getting something fast and powerful or lightweight and portable. While thin and light machines were typically underpowered but provided good battery life, the more powerful laptops were thicker and heavier, often weighing between two or threes times as much. But what happens if you want something that is both powerful and lightweight? Something that can handle those large MP images but that doesn’t weigh over 4lbs in the process? With the launch of the new 2018 XPS 13 (9370), Dell feels …

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Gear Review: A Photographers Take on the Dell XPS 15 Laptop

Written by: Colby Brown / 1 Comment

Take an in-depth look at the Dell XPS 15, a quad-core laptop that is built with power users in mind. Join Colby as takes the XPS 15 to Iceland and Norway to see if it can handle the needs of professional photographers and filmmakers alike and see how it compares to some of the current competition.

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Gear Review: Toshiba’s Ultra Resolution 13″ Kirabook Laptop

Written by: Colby Brown / 6 Comments

In May of 2013 Toshiba announced their new flagship 13″ ultrabook laptop, the Kirabook. Their goal was to create a premium laptop for Windows users that not only competed with Apples Macbook Air, but also their Macbook Pro laptop line. With a retina like touch display (2560×1440), i7 processor, 8GB of ram and a solid magnesium frame that is said to be 100% stronger than what Apple currently uses, Toshiba had my attention. As an adventure travel/humanitarian photographer, I am always on the look out to find the best gear to suit my demanding needs. Ever since I switched away …