Landed the Cover of the 2011 Camas Magazine

Looks like my photo of the Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park made the cover of the 2011 Winter edition of Camas, a biannual environmental literary magazine.

Black and White Photo of Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park

Winter 2011 of CAMAS

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  • Giorgio Guglielmino

    Great Job!!

  • ArielChua

    Congratulations Colby, great images indeed.

  • mark waslick

    Wait a minute. You take pictures? ;) Congratulations Colby! Love the texture and contrast in the foreground fading to the subtle tones in the background. Are there a couple people back there that gives this such great scale?

  • Troy Hankerson


  • PJ Ammidon

    Congrats +Colby Brown :)

  • Marilyn Benham

    Congrats Colby .. you deserve it!!! :) Wonderful photo!

  • Ron Spoto

    Congratulations +Colby Brown

  • Laurent Coppée


  • Randy Ortiz

    Congratulations +Colby Brown. It looks great!

  • Darrin Snyder

    Very Cool +Colby Brown!

  • Erika Thornes

    +Colby Brown I love it.

  • Jerry Johnson

    Talent usually finds its way to the forefront. Or in this case, to the cover. :)

  • Ken Hoyle

    +Colby Brown Well Done

  • a.k. prohor

    really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Rashid Zi


  • Pelle Odebrant

    Very good!!

  • oluwatosin samuel

    wow beautiful

  • Jyri Nyberg

    Gratz =)

  • david mixon

    Congrats. I like the light-dark-light-dark cycle in this image as you work your way up/down the scene. It's much more interesting than if the entire scene was evenly lit. How long did you lay there waiting for that light? :)

  • Colby Brown

    Just a few hours +david mixon. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Naila Ziani

    Congrats! +Colby Brown

  • Robert Richardson

    Cool shot! Congratulations!

  • Colby Brown

    Yes +mark waslick. I waited for those two to be near the top of the dune to give you a sense of perspective.

    Haha…I take lots of photos…now do I ever have time to publish them…that is a different question :)

  • mark waslick

    I've got twelve here above my desk…

  • Linda Green

    congrats Colby…a wonderful photo and can't wait to meet you in Feb.!

  • Yasmin Simpson

    Congratulations +Colby Brown, sure this pic belongs to the magazine.

  • Stephen Flournoy

    Congrats ! Can't wait to capture some like it!!! See ya in feb.

  • Colby Brown

    Its going to be a great workshop +Stephen Flournoy. Excited to be heading back!

  • Colby Brown

    +Linda Green – Can't wait either. I love DV and any chance I have to spend there is time well spent!

  • Olivier Du Tré

    Those two people on that dune definitely make this image.

  • David Bowden

    Congrats ! Thats a great image. The dry lake bed looks excellent in B&W

  • Robby Bowles

    gorgeous photo, congrats on the cover. Very well deserved.

  • Gerald Russell

    Simply Parching !!

  • Gary Harris

    Now I'm thirsty. Great for you

  • Sandra Parlow

    That's awesome Colby! Congrats!! Its perfect for a cover!

  • Dan Sedenquist

    Nice cover!

  • Peyton Hale

    very cool…can’t wait to try and top that location this year :)

  • Karen Suzanne Golden Thomas

    That’s awesome! +Colby Brown

  • Patrick Gensel Digital Media

    Bravo on snagging the cover! Your work speaks volumes.

  • Vincent Mo

    Congratulations, +Colby Brown !