Namibia Photo Workshop 2020

Come join me on an incredible Namibia Photo Workshop Adventure to one of the most amazing countries in Africa! Known for its amazing diversity in culture, landscapes, and wildlife, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Namibia has skyrocketed to the top of many travel and wildlife photographer’s bucket lists in recent years. As a primarily desert landscape, Namibia offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing opportunities that differ from much of what you typically see in places such as Tanzania, Kenya, and Botswana. From the massive Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei to the amazing Himba tribes of Opuwo to the desert landscapes teeming with wildlife in places like Etosha National Park, Namibia is truly a photographers paradise.

Trip Dates

October 14th – 25th, 2020

Tuition Costs


Group Size

12 Max

Difficulty Level


Sunset Over the Sossusvlei Dunes in Nambia for a Photo Workshop Adventure

When it comes to African countries to visit and explore, Namibia is a hidden gem that has been growing and expanding fast over the last few years. As new infrastructure continues to try to meet Namibia’s growing demand of new travelers, there are plenty of amazing locations worth visiting where you don’t yet see huge crowds of tourists and photographers.

This Namibia Photo Workshop starts in the capital city of Windhoek, Namibia on October 14th before heading out to the amazing sand dunes of both Sossusvlei and Deadvlie the following day. Spending the night inside the National Park entrances gives us the opportunity to not only shoot sunset and astrophotography on our first night but also head out to Deadvlie in the morning for sunrise, while other photographers and tourists have to wait at the gate for the sun to rise. From there we head to Erindi Private Game reserve for a few days of private game drives looking for Cheetahs, Lions, Rhinos, Elephants and much more. After that, we head to the Cheetah Conservation Fund to learn more about these impressive cats. This is followed by two days up near Opuwo where we will interact with and photograph Himba villages while also bringing much-needed supplies and resources with us to donate. Wrapping up this amazing workshop, we head to Etosha National Park for a few more days to focus on wildlife photography before returning to Windhoek to drop everyone off at the airport.

Mama Southern White Rhino with Baby Namibia Photo Adventure Workshop

What is Included?

What is Not Included?

With two photo instructors present for the duration of the workshop, you will have plenty of opportunity for one on one instruction to further the skills that you feel you need to work on. If the workshop is full and you wanted to be added to the waiting list, click HERE.

Workshop Tuition:

* please read the workshop F.A.Q. section on this page to learn more about visiting Namibia and check out our cancellation policies if you have any questions.

Himba Tribe in Northern Namibia Photo Adventure
Young Himba Girl Namibia Photo Workshop Adventure

Areas to Explore

Join the Workshop Waitlist to learn more about any upcoming adventures...

Join the Workshop Waitlist to learn more about any upcoming adventures...

A female lion looking into Sunset on a Namibia Photo Adventure Workshop
Male Lion Portrait in Namibia Photo Workshop Adventure


The Namibia Photo Workshop starts early in the morning on October 14th, 2020. This is an arrival day so you can arrive at any point that works best for your schedule. That being said, we will have welcome dinner that night, so if you wish to participate in that, you will need to arrive earlier in the day. You will also need to organize your own transport to meet us at the Safari Hotel B&B as all guest will be arriving at different times throughout the day. There are plenty of taxi's with English speaking drivers at the Windhoek Airport.

The Namibia Photo Workshop ends in Windhoek, Namibia on October 25th. You can look for a flight out in the early evening for your return flight home. Please confirm all flights with us before you make any purchases.

You will fly into the Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) in the capital city of Windhoek, Namibia.

Please check with your local Embassy or Government Website to check to see if your nationality requires a VISA to enter Namibia. For US citizens, a VISA is granted to you when you arrive at the Windhoek airport on entry into the country.

One of the challenging aspects of traveling to Namibia is the fact that it is a pretty big country, often times with good distances between major destinations. While we will try to limit the amount of time we see in a vehicle, we might find ourselves driving for up to 4hrs to get from location to location. That being said, we will provide enough brakes for everyone to stretch their legs and go the bathroom as needed.

While there is no guarantee, Namibia is home to the largest concentration of Cheetahs in the world, containing 1/3 of their total worldwide population. In addition, we have a good chance to see tons of lions, elephants, rhino, waterbuck, gazelle, oryx, crocodile, wildebeest, springbuck and much much more!

With the focus on wildlife photography, I would make sure you bring a 100-400mm equivalent at the very least. A 24-70 will also help when the animals get closer but expect much of the wildlife to require a telephoto lens to properly capture them. If you have a 1.4 or 2x TC, both can be used in Namibia with great results. A proper gear list will be provided to all clients are deposits have been made.

Yes, the Himba are one of my favorite African tribes. We will spend a day and a half bringing supplies and visiting Himba villages in the North of Namibia. They are incredibly friendly, beautiful and photogenic. We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about their culture and ways of life!

Meet Your Instructors & Guides

Colby Brown Bio Photo
Colby Brown Bio Photo

Colby Brown


Colby Brown is a photographer, photo educator and author based out of Eastern Pennsylvania. Specializing in landscape, travel and humanitarian photography, his photographic portfolio spans the four corners of the globe and all 7 continents. Not too long after picking up his first digital camera in 2006, Colby was leading workshops for National Geographic in South America, further spurring his love for both travel and photo education. In 2011, he founded The Giving Lens, an organization that blends photo education with support for various non-governmental organizations (NGO) and causes around the world, such as child education, clean drinking water projects, and women’s rights.

Pedro Kin

Workshop Manager/Photo Instructor

Pedro is a Portuguese landscape photographer based in Slovakia but you’ll often find him in the most scenic mountains, forests, and fjords of Europe. Favoring the cold landscapes and the unspoiled nature of northern Europe, the higher latitudes do not stop him from going after the perfect shot. When not traveling the world with his camera, you can find him back home teaching workshops, testing new gear and experimenting with photography.


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Cancellation & Refund Policy

No one wants to miss out on a trip of a life time…but things do happen. In those situations, the following applies…

All cancellations are subject to a minimum of a $150 service charge. In addition, if you cancel and your spot is otherwise filled, you will be refunded the full amount you have paid (minus the $150 service charge). However if you cancel and your spot is not filled, the following fee schedule applies:

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