The Giving Lens Holiday Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of children from around the world? Have you been looking for one last good deed to do before the year is over? Have you ever wanted to take home a photography print from some of the biggest names in the industry? We have you covered.

I am proud to announce my newest organization, The Giving Lens, is partnering with Empowerment International to bring you the first ever TGL Holiday Fundraiser. EI focuses on using Child Education to combat poverty and by keep kids off the streets and out of gangs in the country of Nicaragua.

TGL Holiday Giveaway


– Making the difference in the life of a Nicaraguan Child
– The possibility to win one of six 20 x 30 prints from some of the biggest names in photography.

– Add +The Giving Lens to your circles
– Add our sponsor +SmugMug to your circles for donating all prints from the giveaway
– Make $10 donation (full tax write off) to Empowerment International and help fight for child education in Nicaragua (

The Giving Lens has connected with six professional photographers to give you an opportunity to not only help provide an education to those in need, but possibly come away with one of six 20 x 30 prints from some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. Each of these prints retail at over $500.

The photographers include:

+Colby Brown +Elia Locardi +Jay Patel +Varina Patel +Ken Kaminesky & +Alexander Safonov

For every $10 you donate, you get entered in a chance to take home one of these prints. Please note that an individual can only win one print durring this contest. Your donation is a tax write off and you will receive the proper paperwork.

The fundraiser runs from December 8th – 14th, with the winners being announced on December 15th, 2011. Names will be assigned a number based on the order in which the donations came in and then using, 6 random numbers will be drawn to decide the winners.

We would like to thank +SmugMug for sponsoring this event.

*We can only ship the winning prints to a US or Canada address. If you are outside of those countries you can still donate to help child education in Nicaragua but if you win you must have the print sent to someone you know in one of these two countries.

*sharing is not required, but appreciated

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  • Al Nesbit
  • Kathy Adams

    And THANK ALL of you who participate in this. We really need the support this year and are very grateful to +Colby Brown for coming up with this wonderful idea! Keep it coming!!!!! Mil gracias!

  • Sunny Archibald

    I love your project +Colby Brown and the generosity of all the photographers participating in the giveaway.

  • Hendra Yusuf

    it's great…

  • yanqin fu
  • mark waslick

    Thanks for making it easy to give back, +Colby Brown. And thanks, also to +Elia Locardi +Jay Patel +Varina Patel +Ken Kaminesky and +Alexander Safonov for your generosity.

  • Larry Schultz

    I'm in! Would love to help.

  • Hendra Yusuf

    i wanna know what the inspirational background of it

  • Ryan L. Smith

    Nice graphic +Colby Brown ;)

  • David Plowchalk

    Donation was a snap! +Colby Brown maybe you could remind folks that they might be able to easily double their donations. Lots of companies will match charitable donations that their employees make. Mine does so that makes giving double the pleasure!

  • Colby Brown

    Great point +David Plowchalk! I will add that to the donation page.

  • Kathy Adams

    +David Plowchalk Thank you David for your contribution and thoughtful reminder.

  • Joe Grande

    Kudos to all the photographers involved for leading the way!

  • Alex Win

    Great cause. +Colby Brown you're awesome for getting this going!

  • Kathy Adams

    And fresh from Nicaragua a little early holiday wishes to you all:

  • Oskar Marchock

    Wonderful project, I have reshared

  • Maciej Markiewicz

    please +Colby Brown next time choose a company that accepts Paypal :(

  • Colby Brown

    +Maciej Markiewicz – I had no choice as that is what empowerment international uses. Maybe +Kathy Adams could help with this as she is the founder of EI.

  • Maciej Markiewicz

    No problem that is only a suggestion for the next time :)

  • Kathy Adams

    +Maciej Markiewicz if you wish to contribute with paypal please contact me. We have an account there as well, it's just the platform for Razoo works better for or organization for more of our contributions.

  • Maciej Markiewicz

    +Kathy Adams thank you :) I can understand :)

  • Jyri Nyberg

    donated 20 even i cannot win…or actually i already won coz i feel good now =)

  • Colby Brown

    Thanks +Jyri Nyberg. Much appreciated!

  • David Bowden

    An excellent idea for a fund raiser and was easy to do! Thanks +SmugMug.

  • David Bowden

    An excellent idea for a fund raiser and was easy to do! Thanks +SmugMug.

  • Randy Ortiz

    Just shared and donated! For the kids!

  • Kathy Adams

    You guys are AWESOME!!!! You are giving me so much home in the plight our our economic downturn. I have been so worried the kids own't have all they need for the new school year (February). Thank you all for contributing and spreading the word! Touched beyond words.

  • Jyri Nyberg

    +Kathy Adams i am from finland and i kinda wanna get rid of my euros before finland causes euro to crash…so better give them away now when it still has some value to someone ^^

  • Kathy Adams

    +Jyri Nyberg Thank you! Give away!!!!! :-) We appreciate it very much. We will exchange them for uniforms, shoes, notebooks and backpacks. :-)

  • Kathy Adams

    Wow everyone! I am so impressed! $1010 in just 25 hours!!!!! You all rock! Keep spreading the word! The kids and our team are so appreciative.

  • Ken Kaminesky

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Achmad Suherman


  • 董洪光

    Wow so beautiful