Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure

Come join us on this incredible Patagonia photography workshop adventure down in this wild and beautiful region of South America. Set in the heart of the Andean mountain range in southern Chile & Argentina during fall colors, you will get to experience first hand the geologic wonder of both Torres del Paine National Park and Los Glaciares National Park. It is here you will photograph incredible locations such as Lago Pahoe at the base of the Cuernos del Paine, the dream-like reflections of Laguna Amarga, the calving ice of the Perito Moreno Glacier, the spires of Cerro Torre and the crown of Argentina, Mt. Fitz Roy…to name a few. We have been running tours down here in Patagonia for close to a decade, giving our leaders substantially more experience on the ground than nearly any other workshops in the region. This is the bucket list of all bucket list locations for landscape and outdoor adventure photographers.

Trip Dates

April 1st – 10th, 2025 

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Difficulty Level

Easy to Moderate Hiking

Enjoy a Cerro Torre Sunrise at the Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure with Colby Brown
Cerro Torre Reflections at Sunrise
Mt Fitz Roy Sunrise on the Patagonia Photography Workshop with Colby Brown
Mt Fitz Roy Sunrise

Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure

Patagonia is one of the most sought after destinations for outdoor and landscape photographers worldwide. Its breathtaking vistas, incredible mountains, glacier feed lakes and unique wildlife help make it so special. On this trip of a lifetime, we will spend time in both the Chilean and Argentinian regions of Patagonia. Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks will become our new temporary homes throughout the course of this workshop. Because we will be jumping across the border between Chile and Argentina, you will need to make sure you secure visas before you arrive, if a visa is required based on the passport you currently carry.

In addition to staying in comfortable hotels with breathtaking views, this adventure focused photography tour will take you beyond what most photographers offer in Patagonia. Instead of simply driving you from distant view-point to distant viewpoint, we will offer optional sunrise hikes around some of the most incredibly scenic areas in the world, focusing our efforts around Mt. Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre in Argentina. For more info about the hikes, check out the F.A.Q. section at the bottom of this page. This will provide you with a solid mix of photographic opportunities throughout our time in Patagonia. When the weather is less forgiving, we will spend time focusing on post-processing and image editing using a variety of different applications. The bottom line is that we will help you get to the best locations at the best time of day with the best light possible.

Salto Churillo El Chalten Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure
The Laguna Amarga, Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile See it on the Patagonia Photography Workshop with Colby Brown
Laguna Armaga Sunrise Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure

What is Included?

What is Not Included?

Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure

With two photo instructors present for the duration of the workshop, you will have plenty of opportunity for one on one instruction to further the skills that you feel you need to work on. If the workshop is full and you wanted to be added to the waiting list, click HERE.

Workshop Tuition:

* please read the workshop F.A.Q. section on this page to learn more about visiting Patagonia.

All Workshop Deposits Are Transferable to
Other Workshops if Something Comes Up...
*See our Cancellation Policy for more info...

A beautiful sunrise over the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile with Colby Brown's Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure
The bold stoic mountains of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile with Colby Brown's Patagonia Photography Workshop

Areas to Explore
Patagonia Photography Workshop Adventure

Looking for Pumas in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile with Colby Brown's Patagonia Photography Workshop
Looking for Puma's in Torres del Paine
Battling the Elements in Torres del Paine

Join the Workshop Waitlist to learn more about any upcoming adventures...

Join the Workshop Waitlist to learn more about any upcoming adventures...



Absolutely! Although I might be a bit biased 😉 While there are a number of photography workshops being offered in places like Patagonia, none of them offer a similar experience. Not only have I been working as a photo workshop instructor for 18 years, which included time leading trips for National Geographic, but I have spent over 10 years exploring the Southern Patagonian region of South America. I work hard to make sure I meet each of my clients at their own level, providing ample 1 on 1 time while we are out in the field. This helps to make sure that you get everything possible out of this workshop experience!

WORKSHOP DETAILS (April 1st - 10th, 2025)

This workshop  starts on April 1st, 2025 at 10am in Puerto Natales, Chile (PNT airport code). To get there from Santiago, Chile you will want to look at flights from Sky Airlines. You might find alternative flights to Punta Arenas, Chile (PUQ airport code), but flying in there would require an additional shuttle option to Puerto Natales that we can help you arrange. You most likely will want to arrive a day early to help you deal with any jetlag from your travels. On April 10th, 2025, the workshop ends at 3pm in in El Calafate, Argentina (FTE airport code).

You will fly in and fly out of different airports between Chile & Argentina for this workshop.

** Before you purchase any flights, please double check with us to make sure the flight times line up with our schedule.


Depending on which country you are from, you might need VISAS to enter either Chile or Argentina or both. While we start in one country, we will cross over into the other via a land border, so please make sure you have your VISAS sorted out well in advance of the workshop!


When it comes to spending money down in Chile & Argentina, you mostly just have to worry about lunches, dinners, gifts, and tips for local guides.

In Chile, you can use a CC just about anywhere, but you will need some cash for tips for our guide around Torres del Paine National Park. I recommend $10 – $20 a day per person and you can pay in USD.

For Argentina, it is a little more complicated because of the state of the Argentine Peso. You can use a CC in many (but not all restaurants), but if you bring $100 USD bills, you will get a MUCH better exchange rate than you will with your CC (at times it can be almost twice as good). Additionally, you will have a local guide around Los Glaciares Naitonal Park, so the same $10 to $20 recommended tip rate applies here as well.

Reach out if you have any other questions about this…


There is a possibiliy that we might offer an extension to both Bolivia and Easter Island before and after the  workshop. To learn more about costs and ask questions about these workshops, please send us an EMAIL.


While this trip is mostly focused on landscape photography, we should have a wide variety of wildlife photographic opportunities that could include; Guanaco, Patagonian Fox, Andean Condor, Caracara, Rhea, and possibly Puma (specifically in Torres del Paine National Park.


Patagonia is known to have some of the most fierce weather in the world. It is not uncommon to experience 80-100 mph winds on a trip to this region of the world. In addition, Patagonia is home to a massive number of glaciers, which help create their own weather systems. While this combination can make for some challenging situations, it is also why this region of the world is so popular with photographers. Dramatic weather means dramatic light which can provide incredible photographic opportunities along the way.


In Torres del Paine, the hikes we go on are very easy with gentle grades. In Argentina, once we get to El Chalten, the hikes do get a little more challenging. Every morning (weather permitting) we will do optional sunrise hikes up to the best viewing points for either Mt. Fitz Roy or Cerro Torre. These can vary in length from 5k to 9k each way, with some elevation gain. We leave early in the morning, giving our group plenty of time to not be in a rush up the trails. We work together as a group, making sure everyone makes it up to the best possible views. While these hikes are not easy, they are not overly difficult either. Being optional, you are free to partake in each morning’s hike, just 1 or anything in between.

For more information about the hikes, check out the following links…

Los Glaciares National Park
Laguna Capri (Views of Mt. Fitz Roy)
Mirador de Cerro Torre (First views of Cerro Torre) 
Laguna Torre (Best Views of Cerro Torre)

Torres del Paine National Park
Condor Lookout (Easy day hike near our hotel)
Cuernos Lookout (Closer views of the Paine Massif)


The workshop tuition listed above is based on double occupancy (shared rooms). If there is availability for a single room for the workshop, the cost is $1200 USD extra. This is a first come first serve basis and is based on room availability at our hotels in both Chile & Argentina.


With a focus on landscape photography, you will want the lens mm length equivalent from 16- 200mm. This can include a 16-35 for wide-angle landscapes, a 24-70 (0r 24-105) as a walk-around lens, and a 70-200 to allow you to zoom in on distant mountains for some more intimate scenes. If you are also interested in wildlife photography, you might want to bring something like a 100-400 or 200-600 to help you fill much more of your frame with your subject.

In Colby’s gear bag you will find the following…

Sony a1 (2)
Sony 14mm f/1.8 (For Astro)
Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM (For Landscapes)
Sony 24-105 f/4 (All-Around)
Sony 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 GM or 200-600 f/5.6-6.3 G (For Wildlife)

Please make sure that you bring a sturdy tripod! Please don’t bring the Peak Design tripod, as they tend to fail in environments like this more than any other tripod we see on our workshops.

Meet Your Instructors & Guides

Pedro Kin is one of the Workshop Manager & Photo Instructors. Pedro is a Portuguese landscape photographer based in Slovakia but you’ll often find him in the most scenic mountains, forests, and fjords of Europe.

Pedro Kin

Workshop Manager/Photo Instructor

Pedro is a Portuguese landscape photographer based in Slovakia but you’ll often find him in the most scenic mountains, forests, and fjords of Europe. He is fluent in English & Portuguese as well as conversational in Spanish. He has held the title of Workshop Manager and photo instructor with Colby Brown Photography for the past 6 years. Favoring the cold landscapes and the unspoiled nature of northern Europe, the higher latitudes do not stop him from going after the perfect shot. When not traveling the world with his camera, you can find him back home teaching workshops, testing new gear, and experimenting with photography.

Mario Valkenborg

Photographer/Photo Instructor

Mario is a landscape photographer based in Belgium. He is fluent in English & Dutch. Started as a general nature photographer with a lot of wildlife, bird, macro and travel photography but specialized in landscapes. Travels the world in search of the most epic landscapes, but also appreciates the local scenery. Yet he prefers regions with mountains, rivers and waterfalls and also has a soft spot for woodlands. Outside photography there is also the passion to teach. A great satisfaction to transfer knowledge in an understandable way. In Belgium he also gives photo workshops and gives extensive courses on finding and refining compositions. His work has also been published several times.


Worth the Wait and the Setback!

I signed up this workshop in March 2020. While I got everything ready, the entire trip was postponed due to the Pandemic. Finally, Colby notified us that the workshop would be held in March 2022. After waiting for 2 years, I couldn't wait any longer!(...)

Judit F.
Fun Workshop!

The 2018 Patagonia workshop was the first with Colby, and I did not go home disappointed. I have taken many workshops before, but this was the most educational and fun ever. I just wish the PUMA that Colby has ordered showed up 🙂

Patagonia Dreaming

I have always wanted to visit the wild, unpredictable and rugged landscape of Patagonia and I am really happy I got to finally have this experience through the Wild Patagonia Workshop with Colby & Pedro. Really enjoyed the locations we stayed, the group we(...)

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

No one wants to miss out on a trip of a life time…but things do happen. In those situations, the following applies…

The first thing to note is that deposits are not refundable, but they are transferable.  In addition, all cancellations are subject to a minimum of a $150 service charge to cover PayPal transaction fees. In most situations, we ask for the remaining balance of a workshop is to be paid 120 days from the start of the workshop in question. If you wish to cancel within 120 days from the start of a workshop and we find someone to fill your spot, you would be entitled to receive a refund (minus your deposit and the $150 processing fee) or transfer to another workshop with no penalties or fees.

If we don’t find someone to fill your spot, what does your refund window actually look like?

120 Days or More...

Your deposit will be transferable to another Colby Brown Photography Workshop without issue.

90 to 120 Days

You will receive a refund of 50% of the full tuition fees minus the non-refundable deposit.

Less Than 90 Days...

If you wish to cancel within 90 days of your workshop starting, you are not entitled to a refund.

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