Is onOne Software Taking Photo Editing to the Next Level?

This morning at Photoshop World in Las Vegas, onOne Software announced Perfect Photo Suite 6. As a professional photographer, I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to technology and my photography business, whether that is awaiting the mysterious Canon 5D Mark III or checking out the latest a greatest post processing tools that are available on the market. If you have taken any of my digital editing classes/workshops, you would know that I do NOT recommend products I don’t personally use or enjoy. Even though I teach webinars for onOne software, I also happily recommend and use other plugins, such as Silver Efex Pro 2 from Nik Software.  With this latest upgrade, I truly feel like onOne Software has taken post processing to the next level.

As a partner of onOne Software, I was given the opportunity to check out PPS6 (Perfect Photo Suite 6) last week and I can honestly tell you that I was blown away by what I saw. I am so excited about many of the new features that I have already began to re-imagine my workflow when it comes to processing my images…and I don’t even have my hands on my own copy just yet!

Why Am I So Excited?

With this release, Perfect Photo Suite 6 contains four awesome new products that are going to make my post processing workflow so much more efficient and effective. Those are Perfect Portrait, Perfect Layers 2, Perfect Effects 3 (Next generation of PhotoTools) and Perfect Mask 5. Also included are Perfect Resize 7, FocalPoint 2 and PhotoFrame 4.6.  Now for the details.

Perfect Suite 6

Two of the best new features of the suite are integrated modules and independence from requiring Photoshop to be installed on your computer. One of the most requested features from the past suites was freedom from PS. It was required to use some of the more popular plugins in the past. No Longer. With the addition of integrated modules, you can now move effortlessly and seamlessly between applications. You can import a pair of images into Perfect Layers from Lightroom to blend them together, then instantly move to Perfect Effects to stylize your results. Say hello to a more effective workflow process!

Click HERE to learn more.

Perfect Portrait

This brand new product offers some of the most advanced portrait retouching features in any photo editing application or plug in I have ever come across. It automatically finds faces and features, so that you can focus on the art of post processing portraits.

You can easily improve skin texture and color, remove blemishes and enhance features like eyes, lips and teach unlike ever before. Most importantly, you have complete control and when used correctly, your portraits won’t have that fake porcelain feel to them. The program preserves skin texture while still allowing you to remove inconsistencies. It truly is amazing. While I am not a studio photographer, I can see myself using this with my humanitarian images easily.

Click HERE to learn more.

Perfect Layers 2

This is one of the updated applications that I am looking forward to the most. It allows you to easily and nearly seamlessly blend multiple images together. With the new Crop and Retouching tools and the addition of the new File Browser, Perfect Layers 2 is hard to pass up.

Because of its ease of use, I plan on utilizing this application to help me manually blend my landscape images when I am looking to expand my the dynamic range of a scene. By doing it this way, I have 10x the amount of control over the processing of an image than I would have if I used a program like Photomatix to create an HDR image.

Click HERE to learn more.

Perfect Effects 3

This is the next generation of the hugely popular PhotoTools 2 Professional. It contains a complete library of professional photographic effects, allowing you to create an endless number of unique combinations to help you create your own look for your images. You now have live full screen previews of the effects on YOUR image, allowing you to get an idea of what an effect will look like on your image before you add it in as a layer.

I am super excited to create my own sets of presets, which will contain my own combinations of effects that can contain different strengths, opacities and layer blending types, allowing me to share my style of editing with everyone.

Click HERE for more info.

Perfect Mask 5

This is the next generation of Mask Pro 4. While I personally didn’t use the last edition, the demonstration of his product in use left my mouth on the floor. Like the image on the left, I watched in real time as Perfect Mask 5 easily masked out the hair of an image that in the past would of taken 5+ hours worth of work…and even then it might not of been possible. The application automatically detects the subject of your image and allows for high quality masks in a fraction of the time on incredible difficult images. Mind boggling stuff.

For more information, click HERE.

Now Do You Understand Why I Am So Excited?

With these tools, you have the possibility to completely change around your workflow. As someone that spends days and weeks editing images each year, that I have taken from all over the globe, any tool that I can add to my arsenal that helps to improve my workflow is a welcome addition. I hope this short article gives you a sense of what is to come with the new Perfect Photo Suite 6 from onOne Software. In the next couple weeks I will be getting my hands on the BETA version of this suite and giving it a full run through. Expect a few more blog posts about its features and benefits as I put it to actual use with my images.

If you are interested in saving $50 on a pre-order, click HERE (Valid through Sept. 15th)

*For full disclosure, onOne Software did not ask nor did it pay me to write this. On top of that, I do not make any money from you placing a pre-order.

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