Nik Software Announces Silver Efex Pro 2

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Nik Software recently announced Silver Efex Pro 2 and I have to say that I am extremely excited. Silver Efex Pro (the current version) is truly one of my favorite photography editing plugins/programs. All of my best black and white images have atleast had a pass through Silver Efex Pro and I can only imagine that Silver Efex Pro 2 will be better in every way.

Silver Efex Pro 2 - Nik Software

Nik Software is known for the “revolutionary U Point technology that enables you to fine-tune your images with precise selective enhancements” . This feature effectively allows you to control the multiple editing variables in selective amounts throughout the image, giving a finer control over your finished images. While I am not sponsored by Nik Software nor do I make any money by posting this information, I am happy to spread the word about a solid product that I find myself utilizing on a day to day basis.

Here is a small collection of some of my favorite black and white images that Silver Efex Pro helped me create.
*click on the images below to view high resolution versions

Delicate Arch - Arches National Park

Delicate Arch” – Arches National Park, Utah

Grand Teton National Park - Horses - Wild Mountains

“Wild Mountains” – Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Haitian Man - Mango Farmer - Leogane

“Mango Farmer” – Leogane, Haiti

Lago de Atitlan - Guatemala - Black and White

“Pair of Piers” – Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala

Storm Clouds over Techado Negro in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina - Patagonia

“Techado Negro” – Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia

Half Dome - Yosemite National Park

“Half Dome” – Yosemite National Park, California

Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe - California Fannette Island

“Fannette Island Reflections” – Lake Tahoe, California

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