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Colby teaches a wide variety of photography workshops around the globe that offer real world hands on experience in a creative learning environment while out in the field. They are designed for photographers of all skill levels and aim to help you take your photography and digital editing skills to the next level. If you do not see a workshop that you are interested in, you can have a private workshop customized to your needs. For all of your Post Processing needs, please visit the Online Workshop section of this website. If you have any questions, please consult the F.A.Q. section of this website.

If the workshop you are interest in is not currently live or has sold out, add your name to our waiting list by clicking HERE.


Where the Earth Meets the Sky
Iceland Summer Adventure (SOLD OUT)
June 19th – 27th, 20015

Join me this summer as we embark on an adventure in Iceland unlike any other. While most workshops are limited to the short distance from your accommodation each night, we will spend our entire time chasing the light as it moves around Iceland. By doing so, we guarantee that you not only experience the best possible photographic opportunities each day of our tour, but the the cost of the tour is half of what most others are charging, making sure you get more for your money.

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TGL Ethiopia Humanitarian Photography Workshop
TGL Ethiopia
September 2015

This September we are offering a trip of a lifetime. Join me and my humanitarian focused photography company The Giving Lens as we explore all the Ethiopia has to offer. From the mountainous regions to the rift valley and the incredible Omo people. Run by Piper Mackay and Colby Brown, you will get top notch photo education while giving back to those in need in the communities we will be working in along the way.

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Fiji Photo Workshop by Fstop Lounge
Fiji Photo Symposium
October 29th – 31st, 20015

At the end of October, I am joining seven other professional photographers for a multi-day/multi class photography symposium off an island in Fiji. During this 3 day workshop, you will get the chance to learn from each of us as we share our knowledge, skills and techniques that allows us to create the images we do around the globe. No where else will you have such an emense group of talented workshop instructors in one epic place.

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Myanmar Photo Workshop
The Beauty of Myanmar
November 2015

Myanmar is one of the few mysterious and exotic locations left on the planet. After opening up its boarders a little over two years ago, it has quickly become a hot spot for travels and photographers. Join me and Paul Pichugin on this incredible workshop/tour as we visit Bagan, Yangoon, Inle Lake and more as we explore this incredible Buddhist country and all it has to offer.

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wholeheartedly recommended


A tremendous experience. Travelling with Colby is a just great. Trip was carefully planned, we were always on the good side of the light and I personally learned a lot. Following my first trip to Nicaragua with Colby in 2012, I booked again for Hawaii in 2014. Same spirit, care and enjoyment.

one of the best instructors

Stephen Flournoy

I recently attended my first workshop with Colby and crew. Not only was I impressed with the quality of the instruction, but Colby worked to ensure I came back with fantastic photos as well. I can easily say that Colby is one of the best instructors on the market and have just signed up for another workshop because of it!

a fantastic experience

Joshua Carlisle

I had a fantastic experience at Colby’s Zion Workshop. I found his advice that he shared throughout the workshop to be very insightful and helpful. Most photographers want to capture those iconic shots at our national parks such as Zion’s Watchman so I especially appreciated his emphasis on approaching things from different perspective that not only allowed us to avoid a few crowds but also gave us the opportunity to capture some of those iconic shots from a fresh vantage point. In between shooting we had some really great conversations and post processing advice that really completed the experience. I give Colby’s workshop my absolute highest recommendation.

one of the best investments

Joe Azure

Attending a couple of Colby Brown's recent workshops has been one of the best investments of time and money that I have made in photography. When shooting with Colby I have always learned many new things. These lessons may apply to the act of taking pictures, or be related to processing and publishing... or even the business of photography. Either way, they are always valuable.

Such a Fantastic Experience!


Colby's workshop was truly an awesome experience. Iceland is amazing and Colby had every detail set so we didn't have to worry about anything but photography. The vibe was laid back and the plans were flexible around the ever-changing weather conditions. I learned a lot and made some lifelong friends in the process. I couldn't have asked for anything better and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Great leadership cultivates magical outcomes


Iceland was my first photography workshop. I lucked out with Colby Brown and Ken Kaminesky as the leaders. I had a significant amount of camera equipment about which I knew little more than there were a lot of buttons. Colby and Ken were pretty amazing in that they were able to accomodate such a beginner yet not slight the more advanced participants. They were also quite adept at dancing with Mother Nature and her incessant interference with the logistical plans. We were an eclectic group that developed into an awesome group if I might be so boastful. Great leadership cultivates magical outcomes.

Vicky S.

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